Let's work together!

This blog is, as they say, PR friendly. My email,, is always open for business enquiries of any sort. 

Some general information:

Who have I worked with? Fair question, dear potential-partner. Across my social channels I have been ever so fortunate as to work with brands such as Too Faced, Pantene, Makeup Geek, Sephora Australia, and more!

It is my policy to not agree to a sponsored post or feature unless I have first tried the product/service and can genuinely vouch for its amazingness/life-changing quality/general loveliness - please keep this in mind when reaching out!

My rate card and google analytics are available upon request, shoot me an email for further details.

All sponsored posts, and affiliate links will be clearly disclosed within each post. Credibility as a blogger is as important to me as my OG faux leather jacket (that's pretty damn important).

I am open to advertising positions, for both bloggers and brands, with rates and sizes to be discussed on a situational basis.

Hippopotamus milk is pink (not entirely relevant to this page but important nonetheless).