My Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Collection.

Hey, friends! Recently I sacrificed my bank account to Queen Anastasia so I could get my greedy mitts on some of her new liquid lipsticks. If you're new to my little space of the internet, ABH lippies boast my absolute favourite formula, and so I'll jump at any excuse to nab some new shades. In honour of their speedy arrival - bless express shipping - I figured I'd walk you through my little collection.

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Let's start with my absolute favourite nude, Pure Hollywood. Good lord, I adore this shade. It's the perfect light brown-pink shade for my skin tone (which is Mont Blanc in Nars, if you're wondering), and I'd probably give up iced coffee for the rest of my life if it meant I could wear this colour. I'm only being a little dramatic.

ABH, Pure Hollywood, Anastasia Beverly Hills, swatch, review, liquid lipstick

Next up is one of the newbies - another nude, named Stripped. Honestly, this is giving PH a run for the title of 'favourite nude' title, its that damn pretty. It runs only a little less pink than it's competitor, but it's definitely different enough to justify you owning both (or am I just telling myself this?). Anyhow, I've been wearing this non-stop since I bought it, and forcing all of my friends to try it on too.

ABH, anastasia beverly hills, liquid lipstick, stripped, swatch, review

Another gem from my original collection is Dusty Rose - it was a cult favourite at it's release, and it still holds a special place in my little heart. It is exactly as the name suggests, a muted rose-y pink, which would suit a billion skin tones. On my own complexion, it is quite a contrast, and thus it tends to look better when I'm wearing a full face and a bold eye.

ABH, anastasia beverly hills, liquid lipstick, swatch, review, dusty rose

The straw that broke the blogger's back, and drove me to place my (arguably financially irresponsible order) was Ashton. Queen Anastasia herself describes this as a 'mid-tone yellow brown', and it is as on trend as it is mouthwateringly beautiful. This is the kind of shade that looks completely different of every skin tone, and I'm obsessed with it. Plus, I adore the name Ashton.

abh, abhashton, ashton, anastasiabeverlyhills, liquid lipstick

Kathryn is another newbie which immediately caught my eye, and worked its way into my cart. It is a warm, brown-toned berry that is serving all of my autumnal lipstick needs perfectly. As I type, I'm resisting the urge to apply it. It's just that beautiful.

abh, abhkathryn, Kathryn, anastasiabeverlyhills, liquid lipstick

Although I only recently picked up Sad Girl, it is not a part of the new collection, I've just been lusting over it from afar and waiting (im)patiently for it to come back in stock. It is a warm, blackened berry colour with a metallic finish. Metallic!!! (!!!). When wearing this bad boy I feel like a glamorous, winter witch who has just finished eating the heart of her wrongdoer, and that is exactly how I want to feel at all times.

abh, abhsadgirl, sad girl, anastasiabeverlyhills, liquid lipstick

My final child - um, I mean lipstick - is Paint, a deep metallic blue. Oof, there's that beautiful M word again. I adore this shade, and while it is obviously a little harder to pull off than most colours, I think it looks amazing on everyone. I don't wear this colour nearly enough, but hopefully I'll get some use of it come Winter time!

abh, anastasiabeverlyhills, liquid lipstick, paint, blue lipstick

Since announcing the arrival of my new babies, a few people have left me questions asking how they compare to cult lipstick colours, so I went ahead and swatched the most popular requests below.

swatches, anastasia beverly hills, kylie cosmetics, liquid lipstick

Before I go, I'll give you some quick info on formula for all those who have been denied the pleasure of trying an Anastasia liquid lip. These have a mousse-y feel, allowing for optimum opaqueness and minimal desert lips. Most shades require only a one-swipe application, and will stay in place - on my lips at least - for about 6-8 hours, unless I eat something incredibly oily. I find that touching up once is definitely doable, but anymore than that will lead to cracking - however, given the incredible longevity of these bad boys, this is often a non-issue.

Paint, sad girl, abh, anastasia beverly hills, liquid lipstick

Do you love these babies as much as I do? What is your favourite shade? Let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!


  1. I love your collection. I can't wait to buy Ashton! Do you think these are worth the $20 price tag?


  2. They all look so gorgeous on you!