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Anyone who knows me is privy to the fact that I cannot enter a Lush store without dipping my fingers (and often nose) into the various lotions and potions, and nor can I leave without one of their paper bags filled with goodness. So, here is my quick-guide to all of my favourite products, from one Lush-lover to another.

My all-time favourite products, and coincidentally the first ones I got my greedy little hands on, are the bath bombs. These fragrant fizzers are incomparable for smell, relaxation factor and just general loveliness. Sex Bomb is my tried and true favourite for pamper time; according to the ingredient list helpfully provided, Jasmine, Clary Sage Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil are responsible for the delicious scent this leaves on your skin. Plus, once the bomb has diffused you are left with an adorable rice paper flower floating in your bath - most Lush bath bombs come with some cute detail like this, see what I mean about general loveliness? Other old favourites are Twilight, Blackberry, Dragon's Egg and Think Pink (which comes complete with pink heart confetti, adorable!).

On a similar note, Bubble Bars are another bath time must-have. These are different to the bombs as instead of placing the whole thing into a bath and letting it diffuse, Bubble Bars are multi-use items which you crumble under running water. You may have heard of The Comforter, a beauty guru cult favourite which assaults your nose with the festive smell of cranberry (in the nicest way possible). My personal favourite is the Pop in the Bath; if you like citrus-y scents this is right up your alley, plus you get to pick from a range of colours, win-win!

Next up is something I was incredibly reluctant to try, as it is a hair product and I'm incredibly specific on what I use to tame my mane. R&B is a hair moisturiser, which as the name suggests, moisturises your hair - shocking! I had never heard of a hair moisturiser before encountering this product but I am a fully-fledged convert and my hair is thanking me for it. If like me you have frizzy, flyaway hair and uber dry ends you must give this a whirl. I take a small dollop of this - a little goes a long way - on my fingers and run through the ends of my hair, up until about ear level and then use the residual product to tame flyaways on the top of my mop. Not only does it reduce split-ends, smooth frizzies and improve your hair's health, but its heavenly tropical smell will linger in your hair all day. Who smells good? That's right, it's you.

Another apprehensive purchase was my Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask, which harnesses the power of blueberries to soothe and satiate your skin. I was wary of this product as I have quite sensitive skin, and am prone to break-outs when I try new products, but this caused no such thing. I believe its the all-natural ingredient factor that helps here, my skin is immediately calmed and cooled by this wonder product. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with fussy skin who is looking for a good pick-me-up! Pro tip: keep this refrigerated so you're not left with a mouldy blueberry mess.

My final holy grail Lush product is a crucial step in my everyday routine if I want to wear lipstick without looking like I'm on a Chapstick strike: Lip Scrub. These exfoliating sugar scrubs exfoliate your lips and have the added benefit of smelling and tasting divine. I'm currently using Bubblegum flavour, but Mint Julips and Popcorn are equally delicious. Another huge plus is the fact that these little miracle pots last eons before they run out, and as a university student this has a special place in my heart.

Other honourable mentions include: Whoosh Shower Jelly, Rock Star Soap, and Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Enjoy!


Think Pink Bath Bomb $5.50
Pop in the Bath $7.50
R & B $19.95
Catastrophe Cosmetic $16.95
Lip Scrub $9.95


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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