September Haul!

This month I've given my bank account a well deserved break - albeit not by choice, but because university and work has taken over my every waking second - however, last week I went into the city with one of my best friends and got some cute little bits and bobs! Let's all marvel at my ability to search out a bargain anywhere.

The first thing I bought was this gorgeous crystal necklace and pentagram charm from Cheep, an adorable boutique with all items under $10 (yes please). The charm itself was part of a choker, however I thought they looked nicer on the one chain and so I promptly dismantled the choker while chowing on Mexican in the food court (also yes please).

Next I found a Priceline and stocked up on some basics - am I the only one who seems to run out of all necessary skin care, make up and hair products at the same time? I picked up a new bottle of my Nivea cleanser, my Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer, Clean & Clear moisturiser, and my Batiste Dry Shampoo - which, quite frankly, is basically as essential for my hair as oxygen is for my lungs. I picked up the 'blush' fragrance simply because they were out of the XXL and the Cherry, this one is lovely too but not my favourite. First world problems.

General Pants Co was the next successful stop, I ended up picking out this black jumper from the sale rack - reduced from $69.95 to $35, thank you very much. I love that the back of this jumper has a lower line and that the front is curved, its extremely flattering on the hips and means that I can wear it with leggings without showing everyone my underwear. Important. Although the cooler weather is leaving us here in Australia, I purchased this with my end of year trip to America in mind - this will be the perfect amount of warmth for California, and very easy to layer with coats in colder states!

After this I was on the hunt for some new fine rings and earrings as my old ones have been worn to death, the Lovisa sale sign called out to me like a shiny beacon and did not disappoint. I found a rack full of the stuff, with a lovely 8 for $10 deal and I was sold. My favourites are the angel wing ring, the flower ring and the moon earrings - super cute!

Up next I found jeans - originally I was eyeing up a pair of Lee Riders for $110, but although I knew they fit well, my last pair of jeans were Riders and they're not the most durable denim on the market. Jeans are a bit of a sticky spot with me; as a woman who's had hips, a bum and sizable thighs for most of my post-pubescent life, finding jeans that fit right is often a tear-inducing, uphill battle and usually ends with me swearing off jeans for 'the rest of my life'. I desperately needed a pair for America, so I braved the changing rooms once more. Sportsgirl is an unlikely place for me to shop on a regular basis as it is way out of my budget, but my friend and I decided to check out the sale section - before I even got there I found this luscious pair of dark denim ankle grazer jeans and decided to give them a go. They fit perfectly (or as close to it as I can get), I think this is due to the fact that I have quite short legs in comparison to my torso, so the ankle grazer cut allows everything to sit properly. Needless to say I snapped them up immediately, and saved $40 in comparison to the jeans I was going to buy - bonus!

My final and favourite purchase of the day were these ankle boots from Shoe Show. The mixture of feminine and tough styles is what drew me to these little wonders, and what sold me on them was the fact that they were reduced to $15! I couldn't say no, really. (Plus they make my legs look banging, and when I wear them I feel like I could kill a man with my bare hands - exactly what I'm looking for in a boot).

Sophia ♡

Price List
Crystal Neclace (Cheep) $10
Pentagram Choker (Cheep) $10
Priceline goodies ~$50
Jumper (General Pants Co) $35
Jewellery (Lovisa) $10
Jeans (Sportsgirl) $70
Boots (Shoe Show) $15


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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