Self-Love: Travelling and Yoga.

Hey, friends! A little while ago I uploaded the first post of my Self-Love series, and I felt that it was time to update and share some tips to anyone who is interested.

If you regularly follow my posts you'll know that I recently took a solo trip to the USA, which was mentally one of the toughest yet rewarding things I've ever done (I know, month long holidays on the other side of the world, its a rough life). It was tough in the sense that I was completely out there on my own, there was no one to bounce off for help or reassurance; this is incredibly difficult when you're in a foreign country and have all the orienteering skills of a newborn giraffe without a map. Picture those shaky, awkward legs trying to make their way through LA. Yikes.

This was rewarding in the sense that I did it - despite being terrified and overwhelmed, I made it around safely and had an amazing time. The body that I spent so much of my hating life carried me around places I'd never been and allowed me to experience some of my best memories; how could I despise the legs that showed me San Fransisco in all of its glory? The mind that I had repeatedly told myself was weak or stupid solved every problem I encountered and took in beautiful sights - how could I doubt the brain that worked out another country's confusing public transport system?
Travelling, let alone travelling by one's self,  is not something within reach for everyone (I am beyond grateful for my ability to do so), but if it is for you, do it. It is indescribably empowering.

Speaking of empowerment, about seven to eight months ago I took up yoga again after several years of hiatus (read: laziness). I loathe exercise, you will never hear me bragging about waking up bright and early for a run, or attempting instagram-famous fitness challenges, Sorry, not happening. I like sleep and frankly, I don't have the motivation. The only forms of exercise my body/mind can stay on track with are swimming and yoga, because I can trick myself into thinking that I'm having fun and not set in a routine or plan, which is the part I struggle with. I don't like being told what to do, even by my self apparently. I have yet to take up swimming again, as my self-acceptance journey has not progressed to the point where I feel like wearing bathers in public (baby steps), but yoga has been a huge benefit for me.
Yoga takes me into my body and out of my head; I finally understand people who say that they feel 'refreshed' and 'invigorated' after exercise. Everytime I'd go for a long walk or to the gym I'd come home exhuasted and dying for a burger, but after yoga my limbs and mind feel strong. I think it's because it's not just hard-fast cardio or brutal strength training that gets repeditive, it changes every time you do it. As well as this, you can feel and see results each session. Each time I do yoga I'm a little more flexible, or a pose gets a little easier. The instructor tells you the results each position will yield - eg. this will strengthen your core, this will tone your arms - which is really motivating (hell yeah I want toned arms!). I do not claim to be more wholesome than thou by any means - as I write this I have a bowl of pasta in my lap - but yoga has really helped me, if you're interested give it a whirl!

I hope this helps anyone of their own path (for want of a less cliche, coming of age movie term) of self-love (also cliche, but necessary)!


Sidenote: A lot of the time I do yoga from home, in which case I love Erica Vetra's videos on the PsycheTruth YouTube channel!


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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