Argan Oil And Why You Need To Coat Yourself In It.

Hey, friends! I'm probably not introducing you to argan oil, given that everyone and their Mothers have spoken about this wondrous substance, but I'm here to be yet another advocate. So, if you want to here me yell about how brilliant this product is, you're in the right spot!

Let's start with the obvious: you need to put this stuff in your hair, now. But don't buy the shampoo or conditioner with it built in, buy the straight stuff. Unless you've got time to sit with the conditioner in your hair for twenty to thirty minutes, you're probably not getting all you can out of the process, plus it reduces the amount of chemicals you're adding to your locks - bonus! My favourite way to use this miracle product is to put a drop or six in my hands and run it through the lower two thirds of my hair, right after I've towel dried it. I don't put any on the top third, as my hair gets greasy very quickly and, to be honest, I need to save it for my horrendous split ends. I desperately need a hair cut - my last one was over a year ago, and the one before that was three years ago, oops - but I'm quite happy to coat my dead ends in argan oil and enjoy my denial, thank you. If you want a more intensive treatment, coat your hair in the stuff, wrap it up in a towel and leave overnight for a luscious mop the next day. Another trick I love is using this on styled hair to hydrate my ends, tame frizzies and add shine; just pop a teeny tiny amount on your hands and run it over any problem areas. I've even used this stuff as a heat protector, and it worked fabulously. Look how in love I am with my oiled tresses - this definitely isn't a cover up because I blinked as the picture was taken.

After you've treated your hair, you need to slather this stuff all over your body. Or at least any dry patches. The high fatty acid and vitamin E content makes this such a fantastic, nourishing moisturiser. Does anyone else get extremely dry hands, heels and elbows when the seasons change? No, just me being gross? Cool. Anyways, I coat myself in this stuff whenever my skin is on the scaly side, and within a few days I'm a human being again. Or what I imagine a dolphin would feel like, even. Argan oil has the added benefit of being non-greasy, so you don't have to worry about destroying any clothing or sheets. Also, if you've got eczema or anything of the like, this'll soothe affected areas!

Another of my favourite uses for argan oil is as an under eye serum! I have combination/oily skin, but my under eye area gets quite dry, and this is my go to remedy for hydrating and plumping. This bad boy promotes healing and balances your skin the way only a non-greasy oil can. Just be careful though, because if this gets in your eyes your pupils will dilate so wide you basically can't see. This happened to a friend and definitely not me. No way. I resent the accusation. The vitamin E and antioxidant rich formula also makes this oil perfect for reducing stretch marks, spot treating acne and strengthening nails.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but if I carried on about how much I love this stuff any more you'd all get bored, so I'll wrap this up here! Give this baby a whirl and let me know how you go!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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