Battle Of The Dry Shampoos!

Hey, friends! Remember me? I'm sorry for the lack of blog-action lately, my final semester of uni threw me an energy-draining curveball and I've spent the last month trying to recover. But fear not - I am back in the game, expect a whole lot more content coming your way soon!

As a lady who is firmly on the I-really-hate-washing-my-hair team, I have developed quite and affinity for dry shampoo in all of it's grease absorbing glory. Some (I) might even go as far as to call me a dry shampoo connoisseur. I go through the stuff by the bucket load, and have tried just about every brand available for purchase, so I thought it was about time I shared my findings with you! Below is a comparison of my two favourite formulas, Batiste and Toni & Guy, in which I point out the strengths and weaknesses of both products in a battle for vanity space - shall we?

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Bang For Your Buck: Price varies from $4.95 for 50ml to $19.95 for 400ml. I get the jumbo size because your girl has a lot of hair.

Availability: Priceline, most chemists, and by the bulk in my bathroom cabinet.

Flavour/Scent Range: Extensive to say the least! My personal favourites are Original, Cherry and Blush.

Residue: Varies with the scent. Most leave a white cast - which disappears once worked in - but some are darker in colour, which is suited better for darker hair colours. How thoughtful.

Finish: Matte - warning, this will leave you a little itchy by the 24 hour mark.

Absorption Power: Strong, this is best used on days where you could harvest the oil from your scalp to fry chips. If you use this too early in the game you run the risk of white patches which won't rub out.

Overall: 8/10

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Bang For Your Buck: $15.99 will get you 250ml of goodness.

Availability: Priceline and selected hair care stores.

Flavour/Scent Range: There are four 'flavours' available, my personal favourite is Classic Perfect Tease. However, none have a particularly strong scent, rather they all smell like a salon, which I adore.

Residue: Invisible, which my laziness appreciates greatly.

Finish: Semi-matte - a dry shampoo that adds shine? Witch craft?

Absorption Power: Medium, this is perfect for absorbing your 2-3 day oil, however once you reach maximum grease levels this tends to fall short.

Overall: 9/10

Honestly, both of these grease-busters are brilliant, but Toni & Guy wins brownie points for invisibility and versatility. I've spent far too many days sporting the dreaded white-casted-crown look, so any product that eliminates this possibility is a friend indeed.

Which is your favourite? Or do you prefer a completely different one? Let me know!

Soph ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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