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Hey, friends! As a wee little makeup wearer, I used to wish for a manual full of tips and tricks on how to not to look like I filled a super soaker with cosmetics and took to my face with it. Unfortunately, as the eldest child of a mother who was not makeup-inclined, this remained a wish and I trudged through years (and I mean years) of unfortunate makeup decisions - raccoon eyes, anyone? - before I finally developed some idea of how to do it in a socially acceptable manner. These decisions did not limit themselves to makeup, however, I've made some regrettable skincare choices also (to this day I cannot look at a makeup wipe without shuddering).
In an effort to save some of you from a similar fate, I've curated a little list of beauty hacks, so my suffering was not totally in vain - you're welcome in advance.

1. Makeup Wipes Are Not Cleanser.
I repeat, makeup wipes are not cleanser. I know they're appealing, I get it, but these glorified bacteria towelettes will only spread your face nasties. If you must, use them to remove the bulk of your makeup before going in with a cleanser but for the love of all that is good in this world please remove your makeup properly. Promise? I'll sleep better at night if you do.

2. Wash Your Pillow Cases Once A Week At Least.
Speaking of sleeping, do you know how much bacteria gathers on your pillows while you rest your weary head? Neither do I, but its a lot. If you're not keeping your cases clean, you can't keep your skin clean either. Take it from me, my acne reduced immediately as I began washing mine twice a week. Clean your phone occasionally too, you filthy animals.

3. Don't Put Craft Glitter Near Your Eyes.
Just don't do it. Take it from me and the week-long eye-pouring that resulted from a misplaced fleck of reflective evil. Always use cosmetic grade glitter, and even so, be careful with your precious retinas!

4. Add A Beauty Oil To Your Base To Increase Hydration.
Your skin may not be dry in the flaky sense, but that doesn't mean your epidermis isn't thirsty as heck. Although my skin sits firmly in the normal/combo category, adding a beauty oil to my foundation has left my skin feeling so much more hydrated, while also improving the look of my base. Plus, all of those delicious nutrients will do wonders for your face region in the long run. Pro tip: do not mix with a primer water as the two will emulsify, leaving your foundation looking like curdled custard.

5. Change One Skincare Item At A Time.
If your current regime isn't working for your pretty little face, it can be tempting to haul an entire new line and start from scratch. Don't do this. Instead, try switching out one product at a time - i.e. a new cleanser, or moisturiser - use it for two weeks, and analyse whether it works or not. In this way, you'll minimise the chances of your skin freaking out and purging all of the gunk hiding in it's pores, plus you'll be able to isolate which products work for you, and which are causing breakouts/irritation.

6. Touch Up With a Translucent Powder.
If you're getting a little oily throughout the day - or, you know, you're at the point where you could fry chips on your face - you might want to touch up with a little powder. However, you probably want to avoid the cakey look (or maybe you don't! You do you!). The fix? Translucent powder. It'll absorb that oil in no time, minus the globs of flesh coloured powder congealing around your nose.

7. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water To Avoid Frizz.
I know that a cold shower can be unappealing at the best of times, but I highly recommend turning off the hot water and letting your hair cool before you step out of the shower, particularly if your locks contain more static than a balloon supply store. Just as warm water opens your hair's cuticles, allowing each strand to absorb nutrients from your products, cold water will close the cuticle - thus locking in moisture and reducing flyaways.

8. Substitute Shaving Cream For Conditioner.
Not only is it less expensive - hello, pink tax - conditioner is also a much more effective alternative to any shaving creams I've tried. It nourishes your skin while softening the hairs, allowing easy removal. I made the switch years ago and I've never looked back!

9. Add Illuminator To Your Body Lotion.
Highlighter isn't just for your cheekbones, guys. Dust a little powder on your collarbones/shoulders, or mix a liquid illuminator into your body lotion to give yourself some added glow. Fool your friends into thinking that you are naturally radiant and well rested, when in reality you're perpetually exhausted and wishing you were still in your pyjamas (or maybe this is just me?).

10. Keep Your Sample Pots
You know those squeezie tubes that a lot of cream products come in? They're product stealing devils. These bad boys are deceivingly cavernous, often appearing empty when in reality you have about a quarter of the product left. The solution? Sample pots, glorious sample pots. Just when you think your squeezie tube of evil is done for, snip it open and scrape the remaining product into your little tub and hey, presto! No more wastage.

I hope at east one of these hacks helps you in your beauty loving life! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts and I'll get right to it!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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