Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protection Conditioner Review!

Hey, friends! I have a lot of hair. So much hair. Too much hair? Probably. My earliest follicle-related memories are a mix of my mother struggling to brush stubborn knots from the nape of my neck, as well as multiple hairdressers cooing over the thickness/curliness/mattedness of my natural 'do.

Though I have upped my haircare routine significantly since my toddler years I still struggle with dryness, frizz, and the residual damage that came from at-home bleaching my hair TWICE in one day when I was 18 (I'll give you a moment to cringe in peace), and thus I am drawn to hair masks in the same way a magpie likes shiny objects. So, when I got the opportunity to team up with Pantene and review the 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protection Conditioner and Colour Protection Shampoo, I was god damn excited to see what it could do for my tresses.

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This post is sponsored, however as always my opinions were not swayed by this collaboration, nor would I ever promote something I didn't actually like/love/adore etc. On to the review!

Hair masks are generally tricky for me as I'm quite lazy when it comes to pampering myself. Since my skincare routine can be quite lengthy, any additional steps - such as letting a mask sink into my hair for twenty to thirty mins - to my shower time feel arduous and impossible. With this in mind, the fact that this is used in place of a regular conditioner and is done and dusted in three minutes works perfectly for me, as I can simply let it soak in while I shave my legs/contemplate the universe. 

Bebe Soph, rocking a mop of curls circa '96/7

The product itself smells lovely - decidedly fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet - which is something that is incredibly unimportant to most but not to me, guys. My nose needs to be involved in this process. Moreover, there is a lot of gunk (technical term) in this little tube; my hair reaches my waist and I still foresee myself getting around ten uses.

I'be been applying this, after the Colour Protection Shampoo, from the top of my ear to the end of my hair. Although my ends are drier than a desert in a drought, my roots can actually be quite oily so I tend to avoid that area, instead opting to smooth any residual product through at the end. It rinses out super easily and doesn't leave any waxy residue - my ultimate haircare bane.

"Ok but did it actually do anything for your hair?" you may be asking, and ok calm down, I'm getting there, jeez. I expected this to be a subtle-difference-after-3-washes type of deal, but I can honestly say that I saw results after the first try. I swear on my ABH Modern Renaissance palette (and you know what that means to me, guys, c'mon), I have never had more instantaneous hydration. 

My locks were less frizzy, my curls more uniform, and the actual texture of each strand was much less wiry - which is everything I've dreamed of and more. Usually, I straighten my hair the day after I wash it so as to remove frizz and generally tame the beast, however by the second time I'd used the conditioner, my hair was well behaved enough to not need any heat at all. At all! I've been rocking my natural waves and I'm pretty chuffed about it. 

A concern of mine was build-up - often when I've used drugstore hair masks I get great initial results but after repeated use I would find my strands weighed down with sedimentary material, which is obviously a huge no thank you. I'm on to my third wash and have experienced nothing of the sort (woo!), but I will of course update you if I do.

pantene pro-v, conditioner, 3 minute miracle, haircare, hair, colour protection

As it is so hydrating, I'd recommend only using this on every other wash, unless you are rocking tumbleweed tresses like yours truly. If your hair isn't too damaged this might be a little extreme for your needs, so keep that in mind to avoid grease-ball situation. Furthermore, if you experience any sensitivities to fragrance in other skin/body/hair care products I'd steer clear!

At $7.99, this stuff is a damn steal and I highly suggest you get your booty down to Priceline or a local supermarket and nab yourself a tube or nine. But don't just take my loud-mouthed word for it, you can check out some more reviews here, not here.

What do you think - will you be trying this bad boy?



Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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