Makeup Geek Highlighters - Swatch and Review

Hey, friends! You all know I live, die, breathe, wheeze, and sneeze for Makeup Geek, so when Marlena announced a highlighter range I just about fell to the ground. These melodramaticsalso occurred when I arrived home to a package full of said highlighters. Since I am lucky enough to have every shade I thought I'd swatch each of them for you all and share my thoughts on them - shall we?

makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay

There are thirteen shades, six duochrome:
  • Celestial - 'translucent base with icy violet duochrome reflects'
  • Moon Phase (V) - 'translucent base with icy blue and purple duochrome reflects'
  • Electrify (V) - 'cream base with butter yellow duochrome reflects'
  • Lit (V) - 'translucent base with peachy-pink duochrome reflects'
  • Psychedelic (V) - 'peach base with pink duochrome reflects'
  • Albaze - 'copper base with golden duochrome reflects'
makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay

Followed by seven standard but equally divine highlighters:
makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay

In true Makeup Geek style, this range caters for porcelain skin tones, deep skin tones, and everywhere in between - yay for diversity! Moreover, you can buy bundles of three highlighter to cater for your specific colouring, hell yeah.

One thing I will say about these is that they look mildly terrifying in the pan, but swatch in a much less pigmented fashion, which, for once, is a great thing. They blend like butter, so you aren't going to end up with a stark streak of brightness on your cheek, and they are reflective AF, minus the glitter. 

makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay, woc, deep skin tone

I love that they've nailed the classic shades, while also introducing some fun colours for those (me) who like to play around with makeup. Plus, as previously mentioned, they've created some baseline shades for those beautiful deep skin tones. Personally, my favourite shade is Lit, but they're all pretty lit ifyouknowhatImean.

All of the highlighters are cruelty free, as well as talc and paraben free, but not all are vegan - those which are have been noted with a 'V' above.

makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay

The pan size is wonderful, however I wish there was the option to buy them out of the compact, as your girl is likely to injure herself while depotting them, if we're being real here. 

Overall, I think these bad boys are definitely worth your dollars! Which are your favourites?

makeup geek, highlighters, strobing, flatlay


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