First Impression - Chi Chi Fabulous & Flawless Foundation

After seeing multiple gushing reviews about this product, and running out of the foundation I was using previously I decided to pick this up and give it a whirl. I have to be honest, I'd never remotely considered trying a Chi Chi foundation due to past disappointments with the brand, but I was pleasantly surprised by this! Before I get into the foundation's performance, I have to note that this product comes in 10 different shades, which all denote the undertone (pink, yellow or neutral) of the colour - so helpful! I wish all foundations did this, it would make testing a much quicker process. I wear shade number 3-Light which is described as "for fair to light skin with neutral to slightly pink undertones".

All of the reviews I read and/or watched for this product promised a photoshop quality finish, and although I like the finish it gives I would have to disagree. In my usage I've found it leaves the skin with a semi-matte or satin finish - which is my preferred result! Coverage-wise, this claims to be medium yet buildable, which I would agree with, however blending is very much needed to keep it looking natural and not give the dreaded 'foundation mask'. Personally, I can not use this product without concealer as it does not cover my blemishes, but it does do a wonderful job of evening out my skin tone - which is all a foundation is really supposed to do.

A huge benefit to this product is that it stays on all day - particularly if you use a primer beforehand. I reach for this if I'm having a night out, or know that I have a busy day ahead as I can rest assured that I wont have to bring concealer along for touch-ups. I do have to powder it, but that it simply due to the fact that my face resembles an oil slick within two hours of applying foundation - so if you don't carry this burden, skip the powder!

I would recommend using a small buffing brush, or a Beauty Blender to give the best finish, and easiest application. I personally lean towards a buffing brush, using stippling motions on areas I need more coverage.

Overall, this is not my holy grail foundation but I am still quite happy with it; I'll probably use it on occasions where I need a no fuss, full coverage look - highly recommend!

Sophia ♡

Price: $29.95


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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