What I Bought: Santa Monica Day 4

Hello, again! I'm back with another What I Bought: Santa Monica edition, although I've been a lot better behaved this time (and by this I mean I've been doing things other than shopping in order to reduce possible money spending time). Shall we get into it?

As one does, I popped into MAC in search of the ever-hyped Nightmoth lipliner.
I don't ever buy expensive lipliners as I really cannot see the need too. Drugstore lipliners are more often than not the exact same quality and although the colour range is not usually as expansive, there is still one out there that will be close enough to what you need. If you still can't find a matching one, use neutral. Problem solved! Having made this spiel in defense of drugstore liners, a dark lip can be tricky at times and as such I have had Nightmoth on my wishlist for absolutely ages. I'm yet to find a dupe for this, and this is how I justified my purchase to myself (plus I just really wanted it, it's pretty).

The second and last thing I bought (are you proud of me?) is the gorgeous Viva Glam II - KD Lang's campaign - lipstick. It is the most incredible, sultry pink-nude colour and I am in love with it. I'm staring longingly at it now as I type this. If this blog was on paper it would have drool stains. Nude lips have always been tricky for me as I seem to never be able to find a colour I am completely satisfied with, and this one ticks all the boxes. Do yourself a favour and go try it on immediately! Plus, every cent of the selling price goes to the MAC aids fund, which is nifty.


Nightmoth $16US
Viva Glam II $16


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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