Review: Covergirl Lip Lava Gloss!

Hey, friends! I'm back with a review on one of my favourite lip products of 2014 - it just nipped in there as I didn't get my greedy mitts on one until late December, but it definitely holds a firm spot in my heart and on my lips. When I saw Covergirl were coming out with a line of uber-sparkly, coloured glosses my little heart was sent aflutter and let me tell you, the Lip Lava's do not disappoint.

One of the things that drew me to these wonderful things was the colour range; within the nine shades available, you'll find more than standard pinks and reds. My favourites are the deep purple, orange and gold - my only wish is that they had a deep blue, it'd be lush over my OCC lip tar. To compliment the shade selection, each colour has a lava related name which is exactly the kind of cheesiness I appreciate in my life. Give me all of the cute and ridiculous names. I was only able to get my hands on the purple 'Lava-nder' shade, which boasts gorgeous, reflective pink glitter and looks great over my MAC 'Rebel' lipstick, but I will be ordering more online as soon as humanly possible.

The formula of these glosses is perfect; not gloopy or sticky but not so thin that it runs, and not chunky with glitter but the glitter is definitely visible and beautiful. To be quite honest, the feel of these glosses on the lips is what cemented their spot in my favourites - its true, materialistic love.

I would highly suggest giving these ago, especially at the price point! Get on it, guys and gals.


Price: US$7.99


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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