Review: Maybelline Master Conceal by FaceStudio

Hey, friends! I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I have found a dupe for the flawless Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (!!!!!!!!) and it's drugstore (!!!!!!!). But whatever, I'm super calm and non-affected by it, obviously.

The Nars concealer is my all time favourite concealer, however the high price point is a real test of our bond; naturally, finding a cheaper product to somewhat mirror it's effects was a priority. I'm generally not someone to save my 'nice' make up for special occasion - because hey, sometimes a gal's just gotta put on a whole face of make up for no particular reason at 10:30pm on a Sunday, am I right? - but I'm still a student, so sometimes finding affordable alternatives for every day products like concealer or foundation is necessary to be able to afford coffee and textbooks.

This brings me to the concealer that is currently stealing my heart: Maybelline Master Conceal. Like it's higher-end alternative, it is lightweight and thus incredibly easy to blend, but has great coverage too. As with most drugstore products, the shade range is the downfall. I use the shade light, the second fairest of five shades, and I find this colour great for both hiding blemishes around my face and for concealing my under eye area. However, if I'm going for a super highlighted under eye, a la Kim K, there is no shade I can use as the lightest colour does not match my undertones. As I said though, this is expected from a drugstore range, and for the price I really can't complain.

I've found myself slapping this little baby on my face nearly every day, and I'm really damn fond of how long-wearing it is. Even after a full day running around at work, my face nasties stay safely tucked away, which is really important to me - there's nothing worse than catching a glimpse of a reflective surface and realising all of your make up application time has gone to waste since you now look like it was haphazardly applied by a five year old wearing a blindfold.

If you've been thinking about trying this concealer give it a go! As yet, it is not available in Australian stores but can be ordered online!


Maybelline Master Conceal by FaceStudio US$7.99


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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