What I Bought: Portland (Clothing Edition).

Hey, friends! This is my final haul post from my adventure around the West Coast of America - and it's a big'un, go make yourself a cup of tea. I definitely took advantage of the lack of sales tax in Oregon, and given that this was a solo trip there was no one to talk me out of my spending. I regret nothing.

Let's get started on all the pretty things!

H&M was only a minor victim on my spending spree; I picked up a long blue-based plaid shirt and a black crop top. Did I need another black crop top? No, given that I now own eight. But hey, I liked it. I opted for the plaid shirt simply because I've been in search of a longer cut which will double as both a light jacket and as one I can tie around my waist.

Whilst in San Fransisco I admired and lusted after this adorable black cami in Nordstrom; naturally, when I found it in Portland I took it as a sign from the universe to buy it. As well as a very similar one in mauve. Again, no regrets. The drop waist on these pretties is flattering on a lot of body types, particularly those of us with bigger hips - keep your eyes peeled for this style if you don't love wearing clingy camis, or one's with an hourglass shape! I think the way it flares and ruffles at the bottom is adorable, and adds a little something something to what could otherwise be a fairly blah outfit. Being sheer, the black number is particularly versatile, as you could wear another cami underneath during the day, or take it into night with a bralette and highwaisted jeans. Or whatever really, it's your life.

Forever 21 was hit the hardest on my path of destruction (so much so, that I haven't even listed all of the items here) (oops). I'm an absolute sucker for a below the knee skirt, give me ALL of them - I restrained myself and bought only three. I found a lightly pleated black number, which falls to to a length equivalent to that of 7/8th jeans and is swishy, much to my delight. The other black skirt, as well as the tartan fall just below the knee and are equally delightful.

I picked up a couple of t-shirts during my visit also: a grey (and unbelievably, heavenly soft) number with 'trouble maker' printed on the front in cursive (but, like, not in a lame way - promise), an ASPCA funding shirt with a kitten/unicorn (again, not lame) (maybe a little) and a Rolling Stones crop.

The store I was, surprisingly, most impressed with was TJMaxx. My favourite style of clothing is anything that has a witchy vibe to it, which is INCREDIBLY difficult to find without paying expensive boutique prices; as such, I usually stick to wearing monochromatic, edgier clothes (kitten shirts aside). So you can just imagine my delight when I found two pieces that fit my favoured witchy look and were super cheap. The first is a gorgeous, gorgeous (gorgeous) velvet peplum shirt in cobalt blue - I have a styled outfit post featuring this beauty here! The second item is now, undoubtedly, my favourite dress that I own; I have no words for how much I love this, from the velvet bell sleeves to the flattering cut. True love.

I hope you like living vicariously through my holiday posts! After all, if a blogger buys something and doesn't post about it, did she really buy it? 


H&M Crop US$2.50
H&M Plaid Shirt US$19.95
Nordstrom Black Cami US$29.95
Nordstrom Mauve Cami US$24.95
F21 7/8th Skirt US$24.95
F21 Black Midi Skirt $17.95
F21 Tartan Midi Skirt US$16.95
F21 Troublemaker Shirt US$9.95
F21 ASPCA Shirt US$14.95
F21 Rolling Stones Crop US$14.95
TJMaxx Peplum US$12.99
TJMaxx Dress US$20.00


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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