A Guide to Uni Essentials From A Seasoned Veteran.

Hey, friends! It's that time of year again; the post-christmas sales are over, everyone is sweating profusely even though its supposed to be cooling down by now, and those of us who have chosen a tertiary path are due to return to university.
Just like last year, I'm looking back on my four months of holidays and congratulating myself on managing to spend three of them doing nothing of importance, usually inside. Good job, self. I am also frantically getting my uni supplies together in the last few days. Standard. This is my final year (woo hoo!) and thus I feel that I have the knowledge and experience to advise fellow uni-goers on the bits and bobs I deem essential for the semester, which is exactly what I've compiled here!

Just a pre-warning, I'm a person that is prepared for all situations. You know that one friend that always has a spare hair tie, bobby pin or eyelash glue - even when sans falsies? Hi, that's me. I've tried to keep it pretty concise for this guide, but feel free to leave the kitchen sink at home if you so wish.

Most obviously, you're going to need a bag to haul everything around in - I don't understand the people who show up with a clutch-sized handbag (where are all of your things???). It stresses me out. Personally, for the last few semesters I've been using a basic black handbag to lug my stuff to, from and around campus, but this year I've stepped up my game. After drooling over the Zara City Bag for an inappropriate amount of time, I put on my cheapskate-pants and started looking for a dupe - or at the very least, a handbag with a laptop sleeve. After a few weeks of browsing, I stumbled into a Strandbags and found something pretty damn close. I don't mean to brag, but I've pretty much found the perfect university bag. It's by Laura Jones, and you can buy it here! It has a million compartments and a zip-closed laptop sleeve. I know, I know, you're welcome.

For most courses - particularly mine, as its writing-based - you're probably going to need a notebook, as well as your laptop. We're in that weird generation where writing by hand is not yet obsolete, but most of us are so used to typing that we forget how to use a pen after the summer hols. My suggestion is to pick up a 4 or 5-subject notebook; don't have an individual one for each unit, it's too hard, too much to carry and if you're anything like me, you'll bring the wrong one to class. Also, bring more than one pen, don't be that person who constantly has to borrow stationary (note: this person is also usually the one carrying the teeny bag).

Non-educational essentials are my specialty, so among the papers that I probably won't file for weeks, and the hundreds of gum wrappers littering my bag you'll find: A scrunchie (for when my hair says "no"); my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder; Maybelline Master Conceal (because I spend a lot of time daydreaming with my face resting on my hand); a hand sanitiser (see previous parentheses); glasses; Elf All Over Colour Stick (mainly for my cheeks, but works well on the lips also); Lucas Papaw Ointment (aka angels in a tube); blotting sheets and most importantly, snacks. Snacks are so important - you learn better if your blood sugar is at a normal level. Bring all of the snacks.

I try not to bring anymore than this, because my back is weak and can't handle carrying an overstuffed bag all day - I'm so jealous of Mac users who don't have to lug a 15kg laptop around. First world Probz.

Do you have any uni-bag must haves? Let me know! Also, good luck for the semester!

Sophia ♡

P.S. Always bring your laptop/phone chargers. Always.


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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