Review: Limited Edition Stila Blush.

Hey, friends! I love Valentine's Day commercialism almost as much as I love a limited edition product, so when I heard that Stila was coming out with a blush that checked both of these boxes I naturally had to get my greedy little mitts on one. Here's a review!

The fact that I put this blush in my basket, and then several minutes later realised that I should probably swatch it before I pay for it is a testament to how excited I was for this little beauty. Swatching it only confirmed my suspicions however, and I fell madly in love with it - very apt for it's holiday release time. Seriously though, can I marry this inanimate object?

The shade is called Pretty in Pink and it is just that - from the packaging (and if you say you're not a sucker for cute packaging you're a liar) to the blush itself, this baby is just lovely to look at, and very pink. I've always liked Stila's cardboard packaging, but something about those metallic little hearts just got me right in my feelings - consumerism, you've got me again.

Blushes that have a two tone nature usually produce a gorgeous rosy glow on the cheeks and this one is no exception; if you like that 'I've just been frolicking in the snow and i'm naturally beautiful and flushed' look, this is for you. After getting the blush home, I was a little worried about how shimmery it looked but this is definitely a situation where the large reflective particles come off after the first use, leaving only a subtle iridescent quality behind.

I quite like the formula of this also, it meets that delicate balance of being buttery enough to blend beautifully, but chalky enough that your brush doesn't pick up too much product. After wearing this blush on an eight hour day of running around at work, I can easily say that this lasted about 6 hours - not the longest wearing blush in the world, but I'm happy with it!

This is the kind of blush that would be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones, so I'd highly suggest picking this up as a v day splurge - treat yo self! If you can't get your hands on one, or miss the limited edition time frame, a great dupe for this is Benefit's Dandelion Blush - another of my staples.

Have you tried this blush? What are your thoughts?

Sophia ♡

Price List:
Stila Pretty in Pink Blush $24 - Purchased from Mecca Maxima


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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