Battle Of The Lip Products: Colour Pop Lippie Stix vs. Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil.

Hey, friends! Instead of just posting constant reviews, which can be monotonous to read, I've decided to start integrating a new series in which I pit product against product to show how they stand up to each other. Like a gladiator match, but a whole lot less brutal and significantly more aesthetically pleasing. I'll try to focus on comparing drugstore items with those that are high end or not available in store within Australia so as to help you decide whether you want to invest in and which to just ogle on Instagram.

lipstick swatches

In the red corner today I have Colour Pop Cosmetic's Lippie Stix; a new comer on the scene, but one that is rapidly gaining cult-status within the beauty community. I quite literally cannot scroll down my Instagram without seeing at least one photo of these bad boys, so naturally I had to buy some, because I'm a materialistic sheep. In the blue corner I have Maybelline's new range of Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils, which sold out in nearly every Priceline upon release. I finally found some a week later, after trying three stores in my hunt (because, again, sheep).

Colour Pop

Price: US$5.00 (approx AUD$6.40)

Availabilty: Online, shipped from America with the usual exorbitant fees. The perks of living on an island on the other side of the equator, eh? But I have to say, the fact that Colour Pop posts swatches for each colour on different skin tones is incredibly helpful in the online ordering process (and progressive! You go, CP).

Shade Range: Obscenely extensive, from the palest pink to straight up black. If you can't find a shade you like then you may want to address your obvious vision problems. I picked up Feminist (blackened purple, shown below) and BullChic (the aforementioned straight up black).

feminist lippie stix

Colour Pay-off: Amazing. These little babies are so pigmented, one swipe gives you full opacity. So impressed.

Ease of Application: It may just be because I picked the two darkest shades, but I've found you have to be quite careful when applying these. The bullet itself is small but rounded, and thus a lip brush is essential to achieve clean lines (Bullchic was particularly fiddly). However, each lippie has a corresponding lip liner available for purchase, which is so damn convenient - why don't more brands do this?

bullchic lippie stix

Finish: Ranges from Super Glossy to Matte. Having said this, both of my stix are classified as Matte, but definitely do not dry to a traditional matte finish, maybe semi matte. Maybe.

Lasting Power: Because these don't 'dry' the way you'd expect, they act very similarly to any bold, creamy lipstick colour. That is, they will definitely smudge if you accidentally brush your mouth, and will absolutely come off while eating/drinking. I'm definitely going to be using these more 'for show' when I go somewhere for a short amount of time where I won't need to snack - very rare occasions. I'm always snacking.

Ease of Removal: Quite literally the easiest lip product I've ever had to remove - I popped a little Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad and all of the colour came off in one swipe. No lip stainage. No smudging onto surrounding skin. Nada. I could not be more impressed, especially considering the shades I tested are so dark!

Overall: I'd give these a 7/10, if it weren't for the poor staying power and the lack of availability for Southern Hemispere dwellers, they'd be some of my favourite lip products.


Price: AUD$9.95 - incredibly good for a drugstore lip product!

Availability: In store, online, my handbag etc.

Shade Range: As of right now, there are 9 shades ranging from nude to berry to red; again, impressive for a drugstore launch but no where near as extensive as Colour Pop (few brands are, though). I picked up Pink So Chic (rosy pink, shown below), Minimalist (shimmery baby pink) and Red Essential (Red, essentially)

pink so chic lip pencil

Colour Pay-off: You do need to build these up slightly to achieve full opacity, but it's really not a hassle. Plus, you have the option to tone down your lip look by applying only a light layer. Win-win.

Ease of Application: Oh boy, these are so simple to apply. I love a good lip pencil, not just because they act as their own lip liner, but you get precision control over where the product goes.

minimalist lip pencil

Finish: Completely matte (hallelujah!). They can be a little drying if you reapply to often but nothing a lip balm won't fix. Thumbs up emoji.

Lasting Power: Eating a particularly messy meal is the only thing you'd have to worry about with these - other than that, they're here, get used to it. An added bonus is that when they do fade, they do so nicely; you're not going to be left with a huge patch missing from the inside of your lips. It's more like a subtle, weird ombre.

Ease of Removal: Unlike the Colour Pop Lippie Stix, these will leave a stain on your lips, but most lip pencils do. The bulk of the colour is very easily removed and what is left over is coverable by concealer - no complaints here.

Overall: I'd give these an 8/10, they're ease of application makes it the perfect 'throw in your make up bag' product, and the availability factor earns them some brownie points. I love these pencils!

Let me know if you enjoyed this new product war idea, and if you'd like to see more!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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