Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows: First Impression and Swatches.

Hey, friends! Guess who jumped on the Colour Pop Cosmetics bandwagon? Me, that's who. I was lured in by their low prices and knockout array of colours (as well as their cult status on instagram, let's be real), resistance was futile. I thought I'd share my first impressions and some swatches of their Super Shock Shadows with you to both inform you on their performance and justify buying more unnecessary products - shall we?

From the many shades I added to my cart in a frenzy-like state, I managed to narrow my choices down to three shadows - Effect, Hustle and Sequin - which I felt I'd use often, but weren't exact duplicates to colour already im my collection. Look at me being all sensible and rational, it's like I'm an adult or something. Despite the fact that one was damaged in transit, I'm so thrilled with the shades I chose, especially given how difficult it is to know whether you'll like a colour or not based on stock photos - this is where the review section comes in handy. Oh boy do I appreciate a good review section, they make shopping online from the comfort of your dirty pjs, with one hand stuffed in a pringles tube all the more relaxing. I have so much love for all of the Helpful Hollys who take the time to comment and let us know that the sizes of a particular skirt run small, or in this case, that an eye shadow swatches darker than it appears on the website.

Effect was one of the first shadows to catch my greedy little eye, and I'm so happy to have nabbed this thing. It is accurately described as "an effectively affective blackened teal", and looks stunning all over the lid, in the outer corner or under the lash line - anywhere you damn want, really, this shade is magic. I used this shade as the main feature of a smokey eye, which is now firmly added into my easy, dramatic eye repertoire!

Hustle is another shade which was simply destined to be smoked out around my eye balls, and that is exactly what I did once it arrived at my doorstep. This is one of those colours that rides the line between violet and burgundy; it looks so lovely placed on the lid and blended out with a taupe-y brown shade. Don't mind me I'm just cleaning up my drool.

Sequin is the shadow which surprised me the most, as it was a completely different to the one I was expecting. Although the website clearly specifies that it is a shimmery copper, a few of the reviews mentioned that they like to use this in their crease - this led me to believe that it was more 'iridescent' than sparkly but man, does this colour sparkle. I do love this shade, despite the confusion, it looks wonderful on the lid or as a pop of highlight in the inner corner.

Before purchasing these shadows, I had read many a fellow beauty blogger reviews and thus I knew that these had a reputation for being very pigmented, but not when using a brush. Having said this, I did not realise that absolutely no colour would deposit onto the brush at all, and this would be a strictly finger-painting job. This is the only negative comment I have for these shadows, as once they are on they blend seamlessly, win!

Have you tried out any Super Shock Shadows? What are your favourite colours?

Sophia ♡

Price List:
Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows US$5


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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