Look In A Box: All About Coral.

Hey, friends! I was recently gifted a gorgeous MAC box set, much to my ecstatic and very grateful surprise, so I thought I'd give you a little tour of this beauty. I'm not exactly sure this is available in Australia, but we can always ogle, right?

I don't often visit MAC counters in Australia - because quite frankly I can't afford it very regularly and it makes me cry mascara-stained tears to see their perfect displays - so I had no clue these "Look In A Box" sets existed until now. They're such a nifty idea; four drool-worthy products which are cohesive for a make up look or two, um, yes please?! As in my situation, these make a perfect gift for those willing to splurge on someone - the colour palette I received is "All About Coral" which will suit a variety of skin tones, and thus is a great option if you're unsure about matching undertones and all that business.

The first product in this little kit is the one I was most excited for, because any day which involves a new MAC lipstick is a damn good day in my books. This black bullet of goodness holds the shade "Passion Charge", which is expectedly coral, and is lovely beyond belief. This is my first Lustre formula lippy and I was not unimpressed; coral is a colour that looks beautiful when sheer, and the glossy formula perfectly lends itself to a summer look (although I'll definitely be wearing this all winter too, c'mon).

If you're looking to amp up the lip look, there is also a lipglass (which is strange to say out loud, as it sounds like you're saying lipgloss in New York) in the shade "Stoke The Flame". To be honest, I've never given much thought or opinion to the lipglasses, because who can afford to pay that much for a gloss? Not this ramen-munching uni student, ok. This is a offensively wonderful product though, and naturally I will be rationing it as if it were the last lipgloss in the world.

Another product which I'd never normally buy myself is the technakohl liners - despite hearing so many raving reviews, there are great drugstore liners I love dearly. Also, I tend to buy sets of eyeliners during the holiday period to save some dollar dollar bills. Having said this, the eyeliner is so creamy it nearly brings on tears of joy, it's crayon formula makes it so easy for smudging when creating a smokey eye. This set comes with Brownborder, which is perfect for both dramatic and everyday wear (yay, multi-use products!) If you can afford to spend a little extra, or just want to treat yourself give it a whirl. I'm literally in love with this eyeliner, is this weird? Help.

The final product has me swooning at the packaging alone - that beautiful, sleek, black magnetic case makes my heart beat a little faster. Just give me a second to wipe up my drool. Ok cool. It's technically called a "Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow" which is a nice way of saying "Shimmery Eyeshadow Trio" - this particular shade is Collective Chic, which contains a gold, olive green and eggplant purple. I immediately wiped this all over my eyelids and I'm so happy with these bad boys - they are almost a glitter suspension, so you get maximum sparkle pay off as well as blend-ability. However, learn from my mistake an use a shadow shield, the fallout is strong with these. These colours are not only gorgeous together but will perfectly complement a coral lip, good job MAC.

I couldn't post a 'Look In A Box' post and not put together a full face using it (I'm obviously not justifying the fact that I used this before I could blog about it), so here it is!



Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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