Mini Review of a Nyx Product or Two.

Hey, friends! I'm back with a little review of some Nyx products that I've been trying out for the last few weeks, after breaking my unofficial no-buy-month in a moment of Target-induced weakness. There's something about those fluorescent lights and red signs that just get me - I don't even dare step into Priceline. My bank account literally shudders when I walk into one, and just about gives up when I'm near a Mecca. But anyway, I digress. Let's get reviewin'.

I initially moseyed on over to the Nyx stand to swatch - and definitely not purchase - the new Wicked lipstick range. Naturally, I walked away with two. In my defence, I did pick up two of the most wearable shades, Immortal and Cold Hearted. I really wanted the copper shade, Wrath, but I tried my best to be sensible. The first thing I noticed upon swatching was how damn creamy the formula is; it's kind of too creamy though, I found it impossible to get a clean line. The consistency is very similar to the Butter lipsticks, if you're familiar with those bad boys.

I applied Immortal first, over MAC Nightmoth lip liner, and though I adore the colour - iridescent purple, so up my alley - it feathered so badly that I could never leave the house wearing it. Even with a lip brush, the lines of my pout were sloppy at best. Not to mention that I poked my tongue out while taking a selfie, as one does, and the entire middle portion of my lips ended up bare (what's up with that, Nyx??). Because of this, eating/drinking/functioning as a human is virtually impossible. They look good for Instagram though! Priorities.

Next up I tried Cold Hearted, with high hopes of a different result but was super disappointed. This shimmery slate grey was threatening top prize for my spirit lipstick (everyone has those, yeah?), until I actually put it on my mouth. This has all the opacity of a piece of cling film, and is equally as creamy as it's predecessor. I tried it out with my beloved Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Weirdo (actual spirit lipstick) underneath and it barely added a gleam. Overall, a sad face from me for these lippies - at least they were drugstore prices!

Ok, on a more Postive Polly note - I've found a new favourite gel liner! Gel liners are my favourite form of eyeliner, as they dry matte in a way no liquid liner ever could, and they are so much easier to apply. I've previously been loving the Maybelline Eyestudio, but this Nyx baby in Betty takes top spot. The formula is incredible; it's so creamy, which is perfect for gliding over any creases caused by my hooded eyes. Despite the consistency, it doesn't run the way I feared it would - once this stuff is on, it's on. You're going to need makeup remover to get it off. Which is perfect if you're an incredibly emotional (read:irrational) person like me, who cries at everything! I created the quickest winged liner in my makeup wearing life when using this. I'm so impressed. Grab yourself an angled brush and a pot of this goodness and get flicking. Pro tip: use a dried up felt lip liner to give yourself a precise tail! You're welcome.

Here's a look I put together using both the gel liner and the lipstick in Immortal!

What are your favourite Nyx products? Let me know!

Sophia ♡

Price List:
Nyx Wicked Lipsticks: $12.95
Nyx Gel Liner $14.95


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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  1. 'Two of the most wearable shades' bwahaha!!! I love! You look gorgeous in Immortal! Xo