Battle of the Falsies: SocialEyes Vs xoBeauty!

Hey, friends! It's been a hot second since I've posted a product battle, so I thought I'd share another - because there's nothing more satisfying than a comparative list, right? This week's superficial showdown features two brands of false lashes I've been testing this month! Both are founded by 'tuber favourites of mine, Karissa Pukas and Shannon Harris and have been around for ages but, as usual, I'm the last on the bandwagon. Let's get battlin'.

SocialEyes Lashes

Created by the lovely Karissa Pukas, aka SaturdayNightsAlrite, SocialEyes lashes are huge among the Australian Beauty Blogger community, and thus I had to join the party. Baaa. I picked up Glamorous Shorty, Sweet Talker and Playing Coy (which, ironically, I can't seem to find at the moment).

Bang for Your Buck: The lashes range from $4.95 to $6.95 per pair, which is pretty damn good when you consider an Ardell pair retails for approximately $12, and provides about five uses.

Number of Uses Before They're Crusty and Gross: Well, it depends on how well you take care of them, but I've worn my Sweet Talkers eight times and they're in great nick! Just make sure you gently remove the glue after each wear - I know, it's fiddly, you find the goop everywhere, but do it.

Style Range: Extensive - from full to dramatic, to natural to half and even bottom lashes! The styles I ordered were all very natural on me, I underestimated my natural lash length (which is the makeup equivalent of assuming you need a bigger sized jeans than you actually do, let me tell you).

Wearing Glamorous Shorty
Accessories: SocialEyes offer an applicator - which I'm not into, because, like, I own tweezers - and glue, which I'm thinking of trying with my next order!

Ease of Application: Simple, the bands are thin and as flexible as a boneless yoga instructor.

Inner-corner Stickage: This depends on your eye shape, personally I find it difficult to make my lashes stick to my inner corner, so I give them a little trim down. Sweet Talker required a little mid-day fiddling, but the rest stayed without a qualm!

Wearing Sweet Talker
Neatness: The super fine band means these look seamless, you don't even need to wear liner unless you really want to. Also, for all of you who take close-up eye pictures, you'll appreciate the ability to take a clean, closed-eye shot (clap emoji).

Shipping Rates: For all you Aus/NZ lash lovers, there is a $5 flat rate - this rises to only $10 for you international beauties!

Packaging: Very Secure, each pair comes in a plastic mould with lid, which is enclosed in a cardboard slip.

Wearing Playing Coy
Overall: 9/10

xoBeauty Lashes

The ever-wonderful Shannon Harris, aka Shaaanxo, created these beauties, and though her brushes receive a lot of talk, I rarely ever hear about her lash line. After seeing 'The Naturals' set, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give her falsies a whirl - and also save some money, because I'm cheap. The set features The Girl Next Door - which are a little too short against my natural lashes, The Innocent, The Stunner, The Heiress and The Romantic (Favourite. Hands down favourite.).

Bang for Your Buck: The set I purchased comes in at a cool NZD$28.95, which works out to approx NZD$5.80 (AUD$5.40) per lash - not bad!

Number of Uses Before They're Crusty and Gross: Again, this depends on how well you look after the strips, but these are lasting amazingly well for me!

Style Range: Equally vast - however, the value packs (also available in 'The Dramatics') earn some brownie points.

Accessories: While xoBeauty do not manufacture their own glue, they do offer Ardell and Duo glue, which is super handy. They do not offer an applicator, but, again, tweezers.

Ease of Applicaton: Almost too easy, the band is waif thin and bendy to boot. However, these came far too long for my eye shape, and ended up trimming quite a bit off of the ends, so be aware if that kind of thing drives you mad.

Wearing The Romantic
Inner-corner Stickage: Great! I had absolutely zero ping-age throughout the day.

Neatness: Again, liner isn't a necessity with these babies, however, a closed-eye shot is a little harder to perfect.

Shipping Rates: NZ falsie fanatics pay a NZD$5 flat rate, Aus residents cop NZD$7, and international friends only NZD$12.

Packaging: Not as sturdy as I'd like - the lashes are resting on a plastic mould, inside a cardboard package which was slightly crumpled upon delivery.

Wearing The Heiress
Overall: 8/10

Although both brands are wonderful, and I will be repurchasing from each of them again, SocialEyes comes out the winner in (or on, I guess) my eyes! On that note, I'm off to catch up on some YouTube subscriptions.

Have you tried these brands? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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  1. This is tres useful! Im not a lash wearer thanks to my highly sensitive, mucho allergic to stuff eyes, but I like the idea of it! I've tried pre-glued ardell lashes (Halloween as a pop-art girl, natch) and they didnt irritate...I'm wondering whether the glue sticks to your eyelids much when you remove the lashes? You're lashes and associated eyeballs are lovely btw! Xo