Current Wishlist!

Hey, friends! In true Veruca Salt style, I've been lusting over a whole bunch of things I can't have/don't need. It's a beauty bloggers curse, really. I decided I'd put my late nights spent filling online baskets before dramatically closing my laptop to good use by sharing my top 5 materialistic desires with you all! Also, this serves to satisfy those who, like me, are nosy-nellys and love a good snoop into other people's wish lists.

*Disclaimer: Obviously, I do not own any of the products mentioned below and thus have no photos of my own. However, I have credited the source of each picture included. On to the list!*

The first product was announced this week - as far as I know - and I'm dying to have it. If you follow my Instagram, you know I'm more than a little partial to the Lorac Pro Palette, by which I mean I use it at least five times a week. So, when the Lorac Pro Contour Palette was revealed in all it's chiseling glory, I preemptively said goodbye to my money and prayed for higher cheekbones. It's an ULTA exclusive, which is totally fine unless you live down under. The big U doesn't ship to Australia, and most legitimate forwarding services don't send Ulta here either. Smiling through the pain. I'm currently taking applicants for American friends to ship this baby at to me in return for cash money and my undying love - joking. Sort of. Either way, I'm going to be trawling eBay for one that isn't severely overpriced as soon as it is released (14th June!).

Photo Credit: Lorac Cosmetics

Next up is a MAC lipliner which I'm totally prepared to fork out for, but can't because they're not available in WA. What's that about, right? The shade is Stone, and fits perfectly with the whole griege trend which I've been loving. Instead of buying it online and running the risk of snapping - which, yes, has happened to me before - I'll just be waiting impatiently until I fly to Sydney for IMATS at the end of this year!

Photo Credit: Dupe That
Since the announcement of new Makeup Geek foiled shadows dropped, everyone and their mothers have been raving about their beauty, including me. I can't help it, I need them all in my life. I own one of their original foiled babies, Houdini, and the formula is incredible - as is the formula of their regular shadows. As soon as finance allows, I'll be scooping up every single new shade and wiping them all over my face. Who's with me?

Photo Credit: Make Up Geek Cosmetics
While we're talking about pretty things to smear all over your eyelids, I've recently fallen in love with Sugarpill's loose eyeshadow in Lumi. Virtual love, of course, but true love none the less. Look at it, it's god damn lovely, and as the name suggests, uber luminescent. This is the sort of shade that would look gorgeous on every eye colour too, which is a perk! You're welcome for the addition to your own wishlist.

Photo Credit: Sugarpill Cosmetics
The last thing I'll share from my embarrassingly exhaustive wishlist is a pair of lashes that I have been stalking all over Instagram. You know you're far too enamoured with a product when it's two a.m. and you feel the need to search it by hashtag. But anyway, I digress. House of Lashes in Iconic - I know, everyone's talking about them, but I will too. They're stunning, and I need them on my eyes as soon as humanly possible! 

Photo Credit: House of Lashes

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my current wish list! Let me know if you enjoyed these types of posts and would like to see them regularly!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!


  1. Yes! The foiled shadows are the schnit! Once my wallet has stopped haemorrhaging I'll be on those in a heartbeat! Fun idea for a post- love it! Xo

    1. Update, I own Wet liner...mmm..I dont think its a is greige-ish, but it has a pinch o shimmer to it...tbh, wet is the only lippie stix colour i bought which I dont like- and you know I love the lipsticks, so that's saying something...Stone is nice, pretty dark on me, you might be more 'tan' tho ;) xo