Jordana Cosmetics Review!

Hey, friends! Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a few Jordana goodies by the lovely people at Vama Cosmetics - if you haven't heard of this goldmine, they are an online store stocking a ton of international brands that we here in Australia usually lust over from a distance. Think Milani, Red Cherry, Duo, Shanghai Suzy - are you drooling yet? Well, wipe it up because you've got reviews to read, drooly.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me, but were done so without any expectation of favour - and even if there was, it wouldn't affect my review. All opinions are honest and my own, scouts honour.*

Ok, so the Jordana product which I - and everyone else too, probably - have been eyeing for quite some time is the Best Lash Extreme Mascara; you can imagine the happy dance that ensued when I saw it inside the little package. After rave reviews from many a beauty blogger/'tuber, most notably Lauren Curtis, I had super high hopes for this wonder tube, and they were not dashed. Oh boy, do I love this stuff.  You know when you love a cosmetic so much that its borderline a problem? Yeah, that. It achieves the trifecta of separating, lengthening and volumising, while having the bonus jonas benefit of being super lightweight. Because of this, it doesn't weigh down your lashes and drop the curl. It's the kind of mascara which is perfect for no makeup-makeup as well as a full face - highly recommend!

Continuing on the eye makeup theme, the next goodie that I was eager to put on my face was the Fabuliner in black; I'm a bit of a liquid liner connoisseur, and so I'm always mega excited to try a new product for perfect flicks. This has a firm, felt tip applicator - my favourite kind, ten points Jordana - and is black as black. Application was super simple, and any mistakes were easily wiped way without smearing! The only downside was the fact that it is a little dry, so I had to wait a minute or two between each eye, but I just used the time to apply my concealer.

Finally, I received a gorgeous nude lip combo in the form of the Easy Liner for Lips in Rock N Rose, and the Moisturising Balm Stain in Nude Chic - these create the most gorgeous neutral colour, I'm obsessed. The liner is super creamy, and is absolutely able to be worn on its own (my go-to trick for long uni days) and is a wind-up type gizmo, so no sharpener is needed - lazy humans rejoice! The balm stain smells like starburst in the most delightful way possible, and adds a gorgeous sheen as well as slight tint to the lips, perfect on its own for no makeup-makeup.

Overall, I'm beyond happy with these goodies, and even more grateful that Vama Cosmetics gave me the opportunity to try them out! If you're interested in buying Jordana products - or those of any brands listed above - check out their website here! They're a great local, cruelty free company that certainly deserve your support!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!


  1. That chubby pencil looks gorgeous! Your Insta swatch was beautiful! I love the blue liner against your eyes, if I had the skillz Id buy it! Great review xo

    1. Thanks for the love, Christina! <3 You've totally got skills! x

  2. That chubby pencil looks gorgeous! Your Insta swatch was beautiful! I love the blue liner against your eyes, if I had the skillz Id buy it! Great review xo