Lip Loving: Nudes!

Hey, friends! I thought I'd start a new series on my little space of the interwebz in which I show you my favourite lip products. However, seeing as I have more than one person really needs, I've decided to break them up by colour. Also, I just really love a categorised list, and couldn't pass up the chance to create my own - hopefully there are some fellow beauty loving humans out there who appreciate this as much as I do. So, let's kick it off with my favourite nude liners and lipsticks!

Jordana's Easyliner in Rock N Rose is a dusty nude that works really well with pink undertones, which is why I love it on my mug. In fact, colour-wise this is my favourite of the bunch, but it comes in at number three on my list due to the fact that it is retractable and I find these don't give the sharpest line. However, it is super creamy and long-lasting to boot, so I'd definitely give this a try if you're of similar skin tone to me!

Number 2 on my liner list is an old favourite - if you follow my Instagram, you know I proclaim my love for Essence liners on a weekly basis, and In The Nude is no exception. This is a much lighter shade than the others I'm listing, but I find the versatility of this baby to be incredible. Quite often I add a darker liner to the outer edges of my lips - such as Rimmel's Cappuccino - for some dimension, or use this as a base to tone down a lipstick of richer colour. This liner will give you a sharp, defined line, yet its creamy enough that you can wear it all damn day without anything else over top. 5 stars for this stuff, as usual.

My favourite nude liner of the moment has to be ModelCo's Nude Illusion lipliner - it's slight peach undertones make it perfect for exaggerating your lip line, or creating a beautifully neutral base. Being a pencil, it's super easy to achieve clean lines and has great staying power. If you want a full rant and rave of how much I love this stuff, check my last post!

Right, on to lipsticks - this is where it got really hard to narrow down my top three favourites. This is also where I realised that I own six lipsticks with the exact same finish and colour. This isn't where I decided to not buy anymore, though it should have been. Anyhow, number three on my nude lippie list is a relatively new favourite, but a well-loved one even so. Rimmel's Notting Hill Nude is a rumoured dupe for the ever-coveted KJ lip colour - not that I bought it for that reason, in fact if I hear that term one more time I may scream - and has a stunning, satin finish. It runs very warm which I like on my complexion, and doesn't give the gross product poolage I notice in a lot of other lipsticks by the same brand. If you can find this, at least give it a swatch, it's awfully pretty.

Next up is an itty-bitty sample of Urban Decay's Liar, which I picked up from one of their holiday sets this past christmas. As soon as this tiny bullet runs out I'll be booking it to my local Mecca Maxima and picking up the full size because I am in love with both the formula and colour of this stuff. It's very lightweight on the lips, but packs a pigmented punch - one swipe gives full opacity. This is a perfect throw-in-your-bag-colour as it fades nicely throughout the day, without leaving any weird residue.

This leaves my all time favourite nude, which will be no surprise to anyone who regularly sees my face: MAC Viva Glam II. I'm god damn obsessed with this lipstick, it's almost unhealthy. It will suit nearly every makeup look, it smells like a vanilla cupcake and it lasts beautifully. This dusty nude is always in my bag, because I know it will always do me right. Essentially, its the lipstick equivalent of my best friend, and everyone needs to try it now.

I hope you like the idea of this series! Let me know which colour you'd like to see next - purple?

Sophia ♡

Price List:
Jordana Easyliner $9.00 (available here)
Essence Lip Liner $2.00 (available here)
ModelCo Lip Liner $22.00 (available here)
Rimmel Notting Hill Nude $9.95
Urban Decay Liar $32.00
MAC Viva Glam II $36.00


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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