ModelCo First Impressions!

Hey, friends! I recently had the opportunity to try out some ModelCo goodies - which I was super excited about, given that their Fibre Lash Extension Mascara has been a favourite of mine for years now. Plus, I'll take any excuse to support a local, cruelty free brand!
I've been playing around with this stuff for just under a week, which is obviously not long enough for a full, in depth review - but being the eager (read: impatient) person that I am, I desperately wanted to yell about how much I like it all. So, here are my first impressions!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me, but were done so without any expectation of favour - and even if there was, it wouldn't affect my review. All opinions are honest and my own, scouts honour.*

Let's start from the base up, shall we? The FaceBase Skin Primer was one I was particularly keen on trying, as I'm all for helping my face stay on a little longer throughout the day. It has a clear, gel-like formula, which I tend to stay away from - they don't often fill pores, a big concern for me - but I actually really liked the consistency! I added some L'Oreal Magic Touch Instant Blur around the cavernous craters littering my T-Zone and they worked wonderfully together. My first thought while applying this stuff was 'This feels really hydrating," at which point the large, capitalised print reading "Hydrating Primer" caught my eye and felt like an idiot - good news is, it does what it claims. This has taken first place as my favourite drugstore primer, I'd definitely suggest giving this a go if you like a long lasting base, but don't want to sell a kidney to afford a high end brand (which is everyone, I'm assuming).

When you're ready to do away with your base, the Double-Sided Facial Wipes are your best friend. Not only do they remove all your cake in a couple of swipes, they will also exfoliate your mug at the same time. We all know how I feel about multi-purpose products. I don't usually approve of make up wipes, but I can get down with these (just make sure you always cleanse after removal, please!).

The More Brows Brush On Fibre Gel intrigued me greatly, as my brows are unruly little caterpillars which need a lot of coaxing to stay in place. I always set them with some type of gel - whether I properly fill them in that day or not -  so a little fibre action is always a plus for me. I've been using Benefit's Gimme Brow, and enjoy the concept though the colour is a little warm for me. After hoping the Medium/Dark shade of this newbie wouldn't pose the same dilemma, I was so happy to see a much closer colour match! The formula isn't at all clumpy, yet not wet either, which is perfect for optimum brow-stickage. This is a definite winner for me - highly recommend!

When I opened my package and saw the Eyeshadow Trio in On Safari, my little heart was sent aflutter over the stunning olive green shadow in the centre. I'm having a love affair with this colour family now that Winter is rolling its way in.

I swatched all of the shades immediately was not disappointed in the slightest. Just look - so shimmery, so pigmented! Plus, you can create a whole eye-look using all three shadows, which is a huge bonus. I'm in love.

A product that confused and mildly scared me was the Turbo Lash Wand - a heated eyelash curler. I don't know about you, but putting hot things on my eyelashes is generally not my idea of a fun and safe time, nevertheless I put on my big-girl pants and gave it a try. To my extreme delight, it didn't burn or damage my lashes! There's a little guard that makes it practically impossible to cause any harm, and it doesn't get too warm at all. I've tried this once or twice, and noticed a subtle curl in my lashes, but I'm still trying to work out how to get the best results - I will definitely be following up with my progress on my Instagram!

Next came the Fibre Lash Extension Mascara, which as I previously said, I've tried and loved before. There doesn't seem to be any formula change, because I still adore the stuff - it gives me full, long lashes in two steps, which I appreciate, given that I am a full-time lazy-daisy. I apply the dustbunny-esque fibres to clean lashes (as I find they get a little too clumpy when applied over anything else) and then go in with a coat of the mascara. Bam, lashes. Love it. Definitely recommend this stuff!

I've been wearing the Cosmopolitan blush for the past few days and I'm so impressed with how well this stuff stays! Unlike a lot of drugstore blushes, it isn't chalky and thus will actually stick to your skin. There's nothing more annoying than checking the mirror at 4pm and having all the colour of Casper the Friendly Ghost. None of that happening here! Very high quality, and a gorgeous, natural shade.

When I first swatched the Nude Illusion Lip liner, I was wary of the strong peach tone - I like to slightly overdraw my top lip to match my bottom, and it looked as though this stuff would be a little too warm to do so. Thankfully I was wrong and I've worn this everyday since I received it. It has a lovely, creamy formula and generally does all the things a great liner should - I'm so happy with this. Plus, the lid has a sharpener for optimum convenience. I love products that enable my laziness. This is one of my favourite picks of the bunch, definitely get your hands on one!

Lastly I received some stunning shades of their Party Proof Cream Lipstick. These colours are almost offensively gorgeous, I tell you.

Vanity Fair is a rich brown,which I'm so all about for Winter - as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to adore it. If you're into vampy shades, you need this in your life.

Panama Purple is another shade which is right up my alley; this rich purple reminds me of MAC Nightmoth liner, but with a sheen. So damn lovely.

Spring Fling is a stunning nude-pink, and looks brill with the Nude Illusion liner! I didn't expect such a neutral colour to be this pigmented, I'm so impressed.

Red Velvet is a blue-based red as delicious as it's namesake. I much prefer this type of red to an orange-based one - plus, on the two occasions I've worn this I received multiple compliments, which is always a bonus.

The formula of these babies is great too - being a cream lipstick, you are going to have to reapply after eating/drinking, but that's nothing of surprise. As an extra little plus, they have a super non-offensively sweet scent upon application. These are definitely going to become regulars in my rotation, and given how many lipsticks I own (shameful amounts), that's saying something.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to ModelCo for their generosity, I'm so happy with these bad boys and can't wait to keep putting them on my face! I hope these first impressions helped you out -  if you want to pick up anything  I mentioned, or some other goodies click here!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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