Brand Focus: Benefit!

Hey, friends! As some of you may know, I recently had the opportunity to partner with Benefit Australia to host a Pretty Party in my city (!!!), which is, you know, totally not a big deal (!!!). I definitely didn't squeal like a piglet when I got the email, nor did I spend a month planning how I would paint my face for the event (!!!). Obviously not.

Anyways, the event was incredible. My fellow hosts, Jess and Tash, were as lovely as they are stunning (which is very), much like all of the gorgeous winners. After a quick introduction, one of the Benebabes performed a demo on one of the girls, while the rest followed along with their kit. Jess, Tash and I provided help and just generally had a grand old time.

I feel so grateful to have been a part of such an awesome day, with a company I have loved for so many years. Not to get sappy, but the fact that I am in this position brings ten thousand fat tears to my eyes, but, like, the good kind.

As part of this event, the girls and I were each sent the Porefessional product set (which went to each attendee too!) as well as some other Benefit products, so I figured this was perfect opportunity to show you my favourite products from the brand!

The boxed powders are hands down, no shred of doubt, the best Benefit products in my opinion. I have been using Hoola Bronzer since I was twelve (by using I mean stealing my friend's until I got a job and saved up for one, obviously) and have never looked back. It is the perfect shade - not too cool, not too dark - and blends like nothing I've ever used before. If I could only use one bronzer for the rest of my life, this box of heaven would be it.

A new addition, but one that sits firmly in my heart is the shade Dallas. I'd heard many a rumour that Dallas was insanely gorgeous in every way, able to be used as both a blusher and a bronzer and I'm happy to report that these whispers are all true. All of them. I have been wearing this every day - while contouring with Hoola - and I am god damn glowing. We're in sweet, sweet love.

Rockateur is also stunning, it comes off rose gold with a hint of shimmer - not to be confused with glitter - and works with every makeup look you can imagine. Before receiving Dallas, this was my go to everyday blush, so it is now receiving a well-earned break.

Dandelion and Coralista are beautiful shades that I definitely get a lot of use out of - both are light, shimmery colours which give a lovely glow to the cheek area, or wherever you put them, really. I wore these both religiously last month and received a handful of compliments which is always a bonus!

I don't use Bella Bamba as often as the others, mainly because I'm a ghost and it doesn't suit my skin tone well, but I wish it did because it's heavenly to look at. Similarly, Sugarbomb is beautiful but I don't feel as though it matches wonderfully with my Casper face.

Another Benefit product that I use daily and would recommend to everyone and their cat is the Porefessional primer. I apply this to the gaping, cavernous face holes around my nose and T-Zone, and it fills them up like putty. My pores are basically invisible when I use this stuff, creating a perfect surface for foundation application. If you are a person with pores, buy this primer. It's worth the cash money.

There is another gem lurking within the Porefessional range, this time in the form of the Agent No Shine Powder. I adore this stuff as if it were my first-born child. I may be being dramatic but also probably not. I know what you're thinking "Soph, it's just a powder what's with all the fuss?". Well, you know when you re-apply powder throughout the day and it's like - yeah I look less oily but this looks kinda weird? This powder is the anti-that. After applying this, I look as though I've just beat a fresh face, rather than like I got ready eight hours ago in the dark. No other powder - translucent or otherwise - has ever been this effective for me. If you enjoy not being an oil-slick, this is the powder for you!

After seeing Shaaanxo rave about the Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer, I had to get my mitts on it. I've been using this everyday and love it for two reasons. Number one, it has an applicator which is perfect for gals like me who are too uncoordinated to squeeze an appropriate amount of product onto my hand. Number two, this stuff cements your shadow down. No creasing, no sliding, no "hey, didn't I have eye makeup on two hours ago?". Love it.

Last but not least is the ever-hyped They're Real mascara. I love this stuff, it gives my falsie-damaged lashes life once more and I couldn't be more thankful. I have a sample size of the black and a full size of the blue (which looks fancy-pants on the lower lashes, let me tell you) and I use them just about daily!

What are your favourite Benefit products? I'd love to know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!


  1. Ahoy! Looks like you all had a rad time! I love Rockateur too, its the perfect blush- I used to own Dandelion but strangely it was a bit pale for me, possibly my undertone or my freckles were messing the colour up. Defs will try Hoola soon, I've heard only good things :-) xo

    1. Such a great day! Hoola would look so lovely on your mug! xx