Benefit Air Patrol And Why You Need It In Your Life.

Hey, friends! I recently received the new Benefit Air Patrol eyelid primer, for which I am eternally grateful, and was immediately intrigued by this little wind-up wonder. It claims to colour correct, hydrate and protect your eye area while also locking on eyeshadow - it won't shave your legs and/or bring you fresh cookies but I guess that's ok. After using this baby for a little while and performing my thorough investigation (read: putting it near my eyeball area) I've decided to share my thoughts with you! Shall we?

Let's start with the packaging - the whole aviation theme is god damn adorable and I am so here for it. The lid clicks shut which is equal parts satisfying and handy, as it means the product inside won't dry out nor oxidise. Once you open the lid, you'll notice the bizarre - in a good way - tip, which feels kind of like jelly, but a tad firmer. I honestly can't describe how weird this thing feels, but it's great for application on your gentle eye area. The only fault I can find is in the "1 click per eye" claims, as I find one click serves both of my eyelids just fine, but is that really an issue? Not at all.

Onto the actual review, this stuff not only primes and colour corrects your eye area, it also hydrates and acts as a BB cream - it's the over-achiever of the eye primer world and I'm not mad about it. It's yellow tone is perfectly for neutralising, which is something I appreciate as I get very dark towards the bridge of my nose. It isn't overly thick in consistency but will set rather quickly, so I suggest applying to one eyelid at a time.

With an SPF of 20 I expected it to smell suncreen-y, but it has no scent whatsoever. Given that scents are usually irritating to sensitive skin, this is a huge bonus point in my book. Basically, this stuff kept my shadow on lock all damn day, and I couldn't be more pleased - it does everything that my previous fave, Stay Don't Stray but with added BB benefits. Pun intended.

If you want to get your greedy paws on this baby, it hits stores on October 16th and will retail for AUD$50!

What's your favourite eyelid primer? I'd love to know!

Soph ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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