Self Love: 5 Easy Ways To Take Care of Yourself.

Hey, friends! It's been a hot minute since I've posted in my self love series, and so I thought I should give it some attention. Something I've learned a lot in the past year is the importance of self care. Like a burrito without guacamole, life without self care is simply not as delicious - um, I mean fun. I, like most of you probably, am a very busy lady adult and often find myself run down, exhausted and tearily overwhelmed. Instead of succumbing to these feelings, I have decided to actively combat them with the techniques listed below and I double dare you to do the same!

1. Set aside an hour of your day to do whatever you damn well please.
Enjoy scrolling instagram until your fingers bleed? Do it. Does playing video games brighten your day? Go for it. Is watching compilations of people falling over your favourite pastime? Get on it. Allowing yourself actual leisure time, where you're not mentally going over your to do list, is super important for your mental wellbeing - so get relaxin' without the guiltin'.

2. Drink some damn water.
Water is so underrated. It clears your skin, detoxifies your insides, and makes you feel like a glorified health guru if you drink enough of the stuff. I try to drink at least 3L a day and I feel like a glowing human being when I do. Physical health correlates greatly with mental health, and drinking water is the easiest and cheapest way to improve both.

3. Preen your damn self.
Sometimes when I'm overly exhausted I find myself putting off basic things like washing my face and hair, or getting my eyebrows done - all of those little things that seem to be firmly lodged in the too-hard-basket. Although I of course eventually do these things, because I enjoy being clean and stuff, I often forget how important these little things can be to my overall emotional state. Next time your lying in bed, getting frustrated at your own procrastination, try having a hot shower, putting on a face mask and shaving your legs - if thats a thing you're into - and see how quickly you feel human again.

4. Allow yourself to feel the damn things.
Often we try to shut out negative feelings when they begin to creep into our consciousness; while I am not an advocate for wallowing, it is so important to acknowledge and navigate bad feelings. If this means having an hour power-cry while listening to whiny 90's rock then so be it - just remember to let yourself feel the good stuff again once you're done.

5. Treat yo' damn self.
There's no denying that buying pretty new things feels really good - no matter how materialistic that seems. Even if it's a 75c Chupa Chup, treat yourself to something nice. Because sometimes you need to reward yourself for just doing life.

I hope this was helpful and that these tips remind you of the importance of being nice to yourself! I also hope you brought your own crackers, because I don't have enough for all of this cheese.

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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