Beginners Makeup Bag- Drugstore Only!

Hey, friends! I've been receiving a lot of messages lately asking for recommendations on beginner-friendly products. In light of this, and the fact that we all must start somewhere, I've decided to put together a little guide for those cosmetic-novices out there (or people who want to expand their drugstore collection, perhaps) featuring drugstore essentials! Let's get to it.

Primer - Australis 'The Original'
Primer is so important in your makeup routine, though it is often overlooked by newbies - I know this because I avoided primers for years before someone slapped some sense into me. If you're not prepping your skin, consider this your virtual slap and pick up this primer! It'll ensure that your base goes on well, and stays put, and acts as a barrier between your pores and pore-cloggers.

Foundation - Covergirl 3in1 Stay Fabulous
This baby is my all time favourite drugstore foundation; it's cheap, it lasts well, and it's versatile. Sheer it out with moisturiser for a natural look, or pile it on for when you want fuller coverage. I tend to apply this with a beauty blender, but under desperate measures I've used fingers and loved the results - perfect if you're lacking in the tools department!

Concealer - Maybelline Age Rewind
I know, I know, I don't shut up about this stuff, but its just so good. It's thin enough to be used under the eyes, but pigmented enough to hide blemishes. Its a cult product for a reason, and I highly suggest you try it out (if you can get your paws on it! Try eBay if your drugstore is lacking).

Powder - Face of Australia Loose Translucent Powder
Why have multiple powders when you can use one to set and highlight, am I right? Dust this all over your pretty little face to reduce shine/lock on cream product, and pack it on (YouTube 'baking' if you're unsure, it'll change your life) to highlight the high points of your face. Voila! Just don't inhale it, trust me on this one.

Blush/Highlight - Maybelline Master Hi-Light
Another multi-use product, to save our wallets a little more turmoil. These reflective little babies add colour and sheen to your cheeks in the most natural way. Perfect for that 'oh no, I'm just naturally this glowy' look. I love this stuff.

Eyeshadow - Chi Chi Palette
Whichever one takes your fancy, really. These bad boys come in a huge variety of shades, which are as pigmented and blendable as they are beautiful! Pro tip: Pick one with a shadow close to your hair colour to use as an eye brow powder!

Mascara - Maybelline Falsies
I've yelled about how amazing this stuff more times than I can count, but its honestly magic potion for your lashes. It transforms my little stumps into long, voluminous lashes just ready to bat at unsuspecting victims. The wand is also lovely and easy to use, minimising the risk of the dreaded under-eye smudge.

Lipstick - Maybelline Colour Sensational
Coming in a variety of colours and finishes, these babies are my favourite drugstore lippie option. A personal favourite of mine is Born With It (pictured), which is not only super creamy and beautiful, but wears beautifully. There's nothing worse than getting that manky lipstick poolage after a few hours of wear - particularly if you're a novice and thus don't have that 'its-time-to-check-my-lipstick-again' timer ingrained in your psyche yet - and none of that is happening here!

Lip Gloss - Nyx Butter Gloss
If you're after comfortable, sweet smelling glosses with adorable shade names, then look no further. These wonder tubes are pigmented, incredibly easy to apply, and can be worn either independently or over lipstick. Ten points for versatility, and minus ten thousand points for making me crave cake batter when applying.

I hope this was helpful to all of you makeup rookies out there! Welcome to the slippery slope of makeup hoarding.

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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