January Collective Haul!

Hey, friends! It's been a hot second since I validated some impulse spending with you all, and so I decided we were due for another collective haul. Although some of this was PR mail or purchased with Christmas vouchers, I still spent a little more than my bank account desired this month, and the only way I know to make myself feel better is to blog about it. Shall we?

Benefit Cosmetics delivered my favourite PR package of the month, coming through with the new They're Real Tinted Primer, a back up of the mascara of the same line, plus a sneaky Pleasure State bra. While the primer is undeniably gorgeous - review to come! - any parcel that comes bearing lingerie will always be a winner in my books.

Towards the end of the month I popped into my local Zara to spend some of my Christmas store credit; though, despite their multitude of black and grey clothing, I really struggled to find some good pieces. It seems the silhouette for the season is not fit for your girl over here, who needs some waist cinching and classic lines. Nevertheless, I managed to find a few gems.
The first (and my favourite of the lot) marks number 13 in my Black Crop Top Collection (I wish I was kidding) but this one is so different because it has fringe embellishment, right? Either way it is gorgeous and I adore it.

As I simply do not have enough grey shirts (lies) I also picked up a simple cropped number that I can wear both casually and professionally. Oof, I do love a good multi-tasker.

The last item I snatched up was a pair of black jeans to replace my old faithfuls which had been worn so often that the zip had been rendered faulty. I'd forgotten how good it feels to wear jeans without safety pins holding them together, to be honest. I'm a new woman - or, you know, one who has their life a little more together.

It would seem, however, that I had forgotten my previous purchase as soon as I walked into TopShop as I made a beeline for the black Jamie jeans. Don't worry, I'm eye rolling too. To be fair, though, these babies fit beautifully and tend to last fairly well! Yes, I am gently weeping over the price tag! I don't want to talk about it!

To add salt to my wallet's wounds I also nabbed this adorable blue-grey t-shirt complete with eyelash applique, so I can let the world know that in all situations I would prefer to be asleep.

Priceline also managed to sucker a few dollars this month out of me this month; its like they know I can't resist a good skincare sale. Grease me up with all of the new products, please.
I went in with the innocent intention of picking up the Manuka Doctor mask that Shaaanxo has been raving about, but due to the aforementioned review it was of course sold out. Instead, I opted for the same brand's Purifying Facial Peel - review coming for this bad boy, too! - as I've heard so many great stories.

Since I'd run out of my beloved Rosehip Oil I decided to pick up another, and try a new brand in the process. Essano had the nicest packaging so, naturally, I chose theirs. Adult decisions.

The Eylure lashes in 121 were not on sale, but I have no self control, so.

Keeping with the skincare theme, I moseyed on into my local Lush in the hopes of simply sniffing the Valentine's day range. Though, after smelling the Prince Charming shower cream I all but threw my wallet at the lovely sales assistant and picked up one for myself and another for a friend.

I also got my mitts on a classic favourite of mine, Rub Rub Rub, as it helps with the Keratosis Pilaris on my arms!

Finally, I ordered a back up of my favourite face wash, Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser, and used this opportunity to pick up by Beauty Loop level 1 box from Mecca. In said box was a teeny tiny sample of the Hourglass lipstick in Grace, which is my new favourite nude lipstick - score!

Hopefully this little haul allowed you to live vicariously through my unnecessary spendings! If you need me I'll be eating ramen in the dark for the next month.

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!


    I picked up a flooptillion bottles of the stuff when I heard it smelt like LUSH's bubblegum lip scrub. I honestly can't get enough of that sweet, sweet smell in to my nostrils.

    Christie's Take on Life. x