7 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without!

Hey, friends! Ok, the title may be dramatic, technically I could probably live without these products but I really don't want to. These are the things that I reach for almost every day, that never fail me, and that I pretend I'm out of when my friends ask to borrow them. Everyone has them, and so I figured I'd share mine with you all! Let's compare, shall we?

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Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer
I've waxed poetic about the size of my crater-like pores many a time, so I won't bore you with my spiel, I'll just let you know that Benefit's Porefessional is the most effective way to combat them. For my face, at least. This bad boy smooths my complexion the way that frosting fixes a rough-looking cupcake. Oh god, now I'm starving. Anyway. Invest in this primer!

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer
If your skin tone falls anywhere on the fair-medium spectrum, this bronzer will be your best friend. It's neutral in tone, and matte without lacking dimension, which provides the perfect skin-warming effect. No muddiness, no oompa loompa cheeks. The only way I could love this more is if it also cleaned my house and fed me grapes at the same time. Although, the fact that this one has my god damn name on it makes up for it's lack of feeding skills.

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, hoola bronzer,

Nyx Gel Liner
I am a winged liner fiend, and my affordable liner of choice is the Nyx Gel Liner & Smudger. Its as black as my wardrobe, easy to apply, and doesn't dry out as quickly as most pot liners do - which is my main issue with most liners. Plus, it sits at just under $15, which is ludicrously wonderful.

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, nyx gel liner, winged liner

The Balm Mary Lou-Maniser
Everyone and their pet fish Nancy has raved about this highlighter - and for good reason. Relatively affordable? Check. High quality and easy to apply? Check. Finely milled with no glitter chunks? Check. Able to be seen from space? Check. Will whisper affirmations in your ear as you go about your day? No check, but you'll feel so god damn great that you won't need it.

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, mary loumaniser

Zoeva Makeup Brushes
Not only are these brushes aesthetically pleasing, they have improved my makeup game in the way that caffeine improves my interpersonal skills (significantly). I'm hoping to acquire the entire eye set soon - though I'm also hoping to win the lottery, so - but for now, my Rose Golden Luxury Set is satisfying most of my needs. Personal standouts are the 231 Luxe Petit Crease, 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek, and 142 Concealer Buffer brushes!

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, makeup brushes, zoeva

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood
If you follow my Instagram, you're probably aware of my adoration for/unhealthy obsession with this lipstick. It's my go-to nude, and my favourite liquid lipstick formula to date. If I'm unsure what to wear, or need a fail safe lip option, this is my best friend. In fact, I've carried it around with me so often that the packaging is completely busted, but I love it dearly anyway.

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, pure hollywood, anastasia beverly hills

Makeup Geek Shadows
Once again, these bad boys are all over my 'gram. I really wish I could stop but these have ruined me for other shadows. Some come close, but none can compare to the quality, shade range, and price point of these wonder products. If you buy anything from my recommendations, buy these.

must haves, can't live withouts, beauty essentials, makeup geek shadows

Do we share any must-haves, or are our lists completely different? Let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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