Autumn Eyeshadow Picks ♡

Hey, friends! So it's Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, and if you're subconsciously subscribed to seasonal trends, as I am, you're probably breaking out some new makeup looks. By 'new' I mean the ones you wore this time last year, but with newer and better products, obviously.

As I've been making this switch, I've taken note of the eyeshadows that sit on my vanity and aggressively scream 'Autumn' at me, so I can share them all with you and inspire your seasonal makeup game. Get ready for warm-toned goodness.

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Rich hues are the backbone of Autumnal makeup, and thus Bitten by Makeup Geek is an absolute staple for me. This is the most beautiful cranberry shade I ever did see, and it's incredibly easy to work with. Pop it in the crease for some definition, use it as a transition for a more intense eye look, or run it over the lid for a dainty flush of colour. Streak it on your cheeks like war paint if you want to - just promise me you'll try this colour, ok?

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Another Makeup Geek pick (is anyone surprised?) is Americano. This sweet little thing is new to my collection, but it's spot in my heart is just as legitimate. I love using it to define my outer corner when I don't feel like using black shadow, or to use it's purple undertones to add a rich new dimension to a standard look.

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Ok, one last Makeup Geek must-have, I promise. Steampunk is the duochrome shadow that will have neutral lovers drooling all over themselves. If a copper pigment and a black eye base procreated, this would be their gorgeous lovechild.  Use this in the centre of a halo eye, or to bring a little something-something to a smouldering smoky look for all of the autumnal vibes.

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Sticking to the bronze/copper theme, Lorac Cosmetics' Garnet is god damn beautiful. You can find this baby in the Pro Palette - sat between some other gorgeous shadows - and if you know what's good for you, you'll rush out to pick one up. This is much less intense than Steampunk, which makes it incredibly versatile and simple to manipulate. Sweeping this over the entire lid gives that 'Oh sorry, what? I'm so effortlessly chic' look that we've all swooned over, and packing this on the inner corner will add some interest to a traditional smoky eye. You really can't go wrong with this one, guys.

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Finally, I have to take a moment for the greatest gold shadow of all time. Bonjour, from the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau palette, is basically my reason for living. It's rich, pigmented, and offensively lovely. However, it was limited edition - cue distant sobbing. Does anyone know if this shade is available in any other Too Faced palette? Please share, if so!

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

I could go on for days, but I won't keep you any longer! What are your favourite autumnal shades? Let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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