How To (Actually) Work From Home.

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It seems like the dream, doesn’t it? Emails in pyjamas, no peak hour traffic, and your choice of biscuits in the staff room (or kitchen, as it were). Not to mention, the only workplace politics that crop up are between you and the cat who keeps trying to nap on your laptop. (I wish, I don't have a cat...yet).

While the millennial desire to break free from nine-to-five constraints is appealing, there’s a fine art to make working from home work for you, and here’s how to do it.

How To Work From Home

1. Get Out Of Your Pyjamas.
I know that the lack of professional attire is one of the huge bonuses of working away from the office, but staying in your stained band t-shirt until dinner time won’t do your creative juices any favours. Even if you have a specifically assigned pair of ‘work’ sweatpants, get out of the clothes you sleep in and your brain will register the difference between leisure and work-y type-y time.

2.  Have A Work Space.
Again, I recognise the appeal of snuggling in your covers, coffee between your knees, while you tap away at your laptop, but this does not productivity maketh. Trust me. 
Much like changing from your pyjamas will help your brain distinguish between work time and Instagram-scrolling time, creating a space that is solely for work - or at least not for relaxing - will get your mind in the right place to smash out your tasks. Its like simulating an office space, but with much better decor and no one tapping their pen at the next cubicle.

How To Work From Home

3.  Assign Yourself Breaks.
The trouble with working without restraints is just that - the lack of boundaries. When you have all day to finish your work, its all too easy to justify six (hundred) breaks to scroll through twitter for five (hundred) minutes. To counteract the procrastination bug, set up specific times for work and assign yourself lunch/tea/selfie breaks accordingly. The beauty of the at-home situation here is that you can make your ‘work’ day start at lunch time.

4. Leave The House At Least Once A Day.
Even if its to pick up gum from 7/11, or to buy more of the biscuits that you accidentally polished off within one tea break (just me?), make sure you have contact with the outside world that is not entirely cyber. Not only will this prevent you slipping into derealisation - or a full blown conversation with your kettle - it’ll remind you of how fortunate you are to be able to do your grocery shopping at 1:00pm on a Tuesday, and not a Saturday morning like everyone else. Sweet, unpopulated bliss.

How To Work From Home

5. Take Advantage.
Of the fact that you can spend all day wearing pimple cream, and that you don’t have to suppress any eye rolls towards fellow employees.

Do you work from home? What are your top tips?



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