How To Prep Your Skin For An Event!

Hey, friends! Lately I've been stepping up my adult game and have thus found myself attending some pretty cool events. As exciting as these occasions are, they have forced me to rethink my skincare regimen so as to make sure that the two hours I spend getting ready are not put to waste by some planet-sized breakout directly between my eyebrows. First world problems, you feel?
In light of this, I thought I'd share my pre-event routine with you all, in the hopes that it will make your own skin prep a little easier, and help you feel a little more confident for your soiree! Let's jump in.

Pre-event Skin Care

30 Days Before:
Sit your current skincare routine down and analyse it carefully. Is it working for you? Could it be better? Does it make your face feel as though angels have kissed it after every use?
This is the time to make changes if you feel the need to do so. My favourite way to go about this is to do some research into well known products and whether they may work with your skin type. Stalk some skincare bloggers/youtubers, get all up in their morning routines. Keep in mind, however, that your skin may take some time to adjust to a new product, so don't freak out if a Jupiter-pimple pops up on your cheek within the first week.

Pre-event Skin Care

10 Days Before:
Your shindig is creeping on up, so if you've not changed your regimen at this stage, its time to forever hold your peace. The risk of your face purging all of its nasties with a new product is too great to risk, so just keep on doing what you're doing. Also, up your water intake to flush your system, and this your skin, of toxicities!

7 Days Before:
Time to get down to business, pals. The week before an event I recommend using a face mask every other day to ensure that you're creating the best possible canvas for makeup application - I say every other day because overdoing it on the skincare front can actually have an adverse effect! Who has time for that? Not you, you have an event in seven days.
Again, pick a tried and true product to avoid any unexpected reactions. On the days you are not applying a mask, try using a spot treatment - Mario Badescu Drying Cream is my holy grail - on any problem areas. Not this week, zits, not this week.

0 Days Before:
Its go time, babes. If your event is in the evening I highly recommend spending the majority of the day sans makeup - this will ensure your face is fresh and ready for the goop you'll rub into it later. If pores are an issue for you, it might be worth your while to use some type of toning/tightening product to help you out. My current personal favourite is the Benefit Porefessional Instant Wipeout Mask - its super effective in only ten minutes!

Benefit Porefessional instant Wipeout Mask

Also, when it comes time to apply your makeup, use a god damn primer and for the love of all that is good, invest in a setting spray!

Hopefully this little guide helps make your event skin prep a little smoother - pun intended. What is your favourite skincare tip? Let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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