7 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself ♡

Hey, friends! Sometimes appreciating yourself for the mega babe that you are is difficult. We all have off days (or, you know, off years), and although they suck, there is always a way to pick yourself up. I'm no self help expert - in fact I spend most of my time feeling the emotional equivalent of '???' - but I have acquired some tips and tricks for combatting crappy feelings, so I figured I'd share them with you all! Think of this post as a written hug. Let's do it.

1. Unplug
To be completely honest, I hate this term. In my mind, 'unplug' is a buzz word often used by people who pretend they aren't as addicted to the internet as the rest of us, usually to give a 'holier than thou' vibe.  However, it's sentiment is something I'm very much down with.
Social media is a wonderful place, but it also intrinsically breeds comparison, and generally glamourises things that aren't always very important. Disconnecting removes this negativity, effectively reminding you of the great things in your own life, and reminding you that although the internet is a rabbit hole, its not always that deep.

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2. Appreciate Your Body For What It Can Do
Learning to appreciate what my body can do, as opposed to the way it looks, has done wonders for my self esteem. Yoga was a revolutionary tool in this process, as it showed me that my uncoordinated, non-athletic human vessel could be strong and borderline graceful at times. If you're looking to start, I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene!

3. Surround Yourself With Good Energy
Hanging around with negative people does not happiness maketh. Associate with people who build you up, support you, and generally make you feel better about life, just by being around.

4. Do Yourself Up
This could mean washing your hair for the first time in a week, or it could mean applying a full face of makeup and wearing heels around your house, but taking care of your exterior will always make you feel better inside. Sometimes a great cat eye is all the push I need to get out of my can't-leave-bed rut and make my day happen.

5. Change Your Routine
I'm very much a creature of habit, which can be quite detrimental at times. Occasionally I forget that I'm in charge of my own life and can make changes to it accordingly. It might be as minor as trying a new cereal, or it might mean completely altering your lifestyle - either way, reminding yourself that you have the power to shift and evolve will change your outlook on things.

6. Read a Book
Call me an escapist, but getting out of my own head and into that of someone else is a surefire way to reduce my anxiety. A little distraction never hurt nobody, and it might even bring some clarity to your chaotic mindset.

self esteem, confidence, lifestyle, disconnecting

7. Allow Yourself 'Down' Time
I do not advocate for sulking, but I do believe that acknowledging negative feelings and allowing yourself to experience them is an integral part of emotional health. In the same way that over-indulging in misery will fool you into thinking there is no good in the world, denying any and all sadness will give you a skewed view of your life. So, allow yourself a wallow every now and then. Eat a whole cake. Watch videos of soldiers returning to their dogs. Do you, boo.

I hope this little post helped you if you weren't feeling so hot, or that it gave you some tips for times when life isn't going your way! If all else fails, watch a video of cats being terrified by cucumbers.

Hugs and love from me to you,
Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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  1. I love yoga with Adrienne! Great advice, thanks for making this post. Just what I needed to see