My Favourite Spot Treatments!

Hey, friends! I always have at least one pimple. Usually multiple, actually, but I am never ever without a little facial demon. The joys of acne, am I right? Because of this, I have spent many a dollar on treatments claiming that they will banish (and prevent!) my little friends forever. I've tried just about every single one, and while I don't think there are any miraculous, fix-it-all solutions, I have found some favourites. So, if you're a person who has skin, and happens to be curious about my top 3 spot treatments, you're in the right place.

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Let's start off with a cult favourite, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I've ranted and raved about this bad boy before, but it is absolutely wonderful so I shall do it again. You simply dip a cotton tip into this magic stuff, then pop said magic stuff on your angry face monsters, and voila! A few hours later your zits are reduced dramatically, and no where near as red. If I leave this on overnight, surface-level spots completely disappear, and deeper ones are much more manageable. The only downside is that my skin tends to get used to this product, and stop being as effective, so I save this for days where my skin is erupting more than usual.

acne, skincare, spot treatment, mario badescu, paula's choice, elucent

On regular days, I have been reaching for the Paula's Choice Resist Acne Spot Treatment, which was kindly gifted to me earlier this year. It contains salicylic acid - which my skin loves - and claims to clear blemishes, minimise blackheads, and reduce pores. I cannot vouch for it's blackhead banishing abilities, as my skin only blesses me with bountiful mounds of acne, but it definitely works on those bad boys. I apply this before bed, after my night cream, and by morning by pimples are much less angry, or altogether cleared. Pro tip: the consistency of this lovely stuff is very thin, so be careful with how much you apply/where you apply it - it doesn't taste great.

acne, skincare, spot treatment, mario badescu, paula's choice, elucent

Finally, the Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector is my go-to for healing the dark marks that healing acne leave against my skin. Despite the scary name, the aim of this whitening range is to even out pigmentation and skin tone, to create a healthy looking complexion. In fact, I've tried many products from this range and adore them all. I use this stuff under my moisturiser in the mornings, or over my night cream in the evenings, and have noticed a significant reduction in acne scars - success!

acne, skincare, spot treatment, mario badescu, paula's choice, elucent

What is your top spot-fighting treatment? Let me know!

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Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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