Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Review!

Hey, friends! When one of your favourite mascaras gets re-released in a waterproof formula and mermaid-esque packaging, you've got to get your paws on one. The new Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara has been highly, highly anticipated by just about every person with eyelashes, and since I was lucky enough to nab one, I thought I'd review it for you all!

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I've already mentioned how drool-worthy the packaging is, but just to reiterate: the packaging is offensively adorable. This metallic blue, water-speckled dream boat is currently sitting on my vanity because I cannot bear to hide it amongst my other mascaras. 10/10. Bravo, Too Faced.

Right, shall we talk about the actual product? This baby boasts the same wonderful, curvy wand as it's predecessor and for this I am so very grateful. The bristles give volume a plenty, but are a bit skimpy on the lengthening side of things, in my opinion.

too faced, better than sex, mascara, waterproof mascara

I find the formula a little drier that the original BTS mascara, however, given that when I purchase said original, I have to let some air in before I can use it, this is just a bonus.

I will say though, if you're totally averse to thick-looking lashes, this is not the mascara for you. I'm not talking spider lashes, but it can get pretty damn close - which again, I am luckily partial to. I feel like this factor alone is what makes this product quite polarising; you're either going to love it, or you'll loathe it.

As for the waterproof aspect, I can guarantee that no amount of water (micellar or otherwise) will remove this bad boy. Success! I have been testing out the Too Faced Mascara Melt Off to pry this baby from my lashes, and I will have a review for you all soon!

too faced, better than sex, mascara, waterproof mascara

Overall, I'm a huge fan of this stuff. It has all of the benefits of the OG Better Than Sex, with longevity to boot, and I'm all about it. (Plus, did I mention that packaging?).

Have you tried this mascara? Do you love it or loathe it?

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