Caliya Brushes Review!

Hey, friends! I'm a bit of a makeup brush hoarder - because the more you have, the less often you have to clean them, heyo - and so naturally I jumped at the chance to try out Caliya's gorgeous range. Since I know I am not alone in my brush loving ways, I figured I'd write up a little review, for those looking to expand (or start!) their collection. In other words, this is episode 901 of 'Soph Encourages Your Cosmetic Addiction' - shall we?

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Important facts before we jump in! The brushes are 100% cruelty and allergy free, vegan, and have an antibacterial coating to prevent those pesky little breakouts. Oof, yes. Plus, they come in an adorable and handy roller bag!

brushes, review, makeup brushes, caliya cosmetics

I was lucky enough to receive the Classique Collection Full Set, featuring eight brushes which will pretty much complete your entire face. However, if you're not down for an entire new set - in which case, I respect you and your will power immensely - I'll run you through each individual piece so you can pick your favourites!

As every good set should, this collection includes an Angled Brush. This one is on the stiffer side, which I prefer for winged liner and eyebrow purposes, and generally does the job.

Unlike many a set I've encountered, this one boasts a brush which is very important to me - a stiff pencil brush. Good god, I use these a lot. Need a dark outer V? This Crease Brush. Want to smoke out your lower lash line? This damn crease brush. Do you see where I'm going with this?

A Blending Brush is obviously a necessity in any collection, and this one is a good'un. It is super soft and not at all scratchy, but is definitely suited to blowing out a crease colour, rather than precise blending.

brushes, review, makeup brushes, caliya cosmetics

If you're familiar with the Zoeva 142 brush, the Caliya Concealer Brush is similar in concept, except a lot softer. I wouldn't use this to apply/blend concealer in the eye-bag region, but I do enjoy it for covering blemishes and the like.

Although this little guy is advertised as a Highlighter Brush, although I definitely prefer it for cream contouring purposes, due to it's densely packed bristle situation. Moreover, it's size is perfect for fitting right under the cheekbone!

brushes, review, makeup brushes, caliya cosmetics

There is, of course, an angled Contour Brush in this set, which is so unbelievably soft I actually had the check the website to make sure it was synthetic. Very impressed. Do like.

brushes, review, makeup brushes, caliya cosmetics

The Powder Brush is equally soft and lovely, and does the job very well. However, the bristles aren't packed as tightly as I generally prefer.

I've been using Foundation Brush to buff in my bronzer, and have been living for the results. The bristles are packed just tightly enough to deposit colour directly, but are just fluffy enough for a seamless blend. Adore.

brushes, review, makeup brushes, caliya cosmetics

The only real negative I encountered was the strong smell attached to the set, but this was completely eliminated in my pre-use wash.

Also, if any of you lovely people would like to pick up some new goodies from Caliya Cosmetics, you can use the code SophiaSkea2 to save 20% off non-sale items. (Definitely not an affiliate code, just a fun deal!).

What do you think of these brushes? Let me know!

Sophia ♡

*This post is not sponsored, but the products included were kindly gifted to me with the expectation of an honest review. All opinions are my own, scouts honour.*


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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  1. I purchased a full set of these brushes..... Absolutely love them.