LGFB Brushes - Review!

Hey, friends! Sometimes, as a blogger, you get an email that makes you whisper "Hell yeah" at your phone. The email from Look Good Feel Better, a wonderful organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting cancer patients undergoing treatment, was one such case. While the effects of cancer run far deeper than outward appearance, LGFB know that taking care of your outer self nurtures your inner self, which is why they hold free workshops to teach patients the basics surrounding skincare, makeup, and headwear . As this is not a government funded organisation, the workshops rely on community support - which brings me to today's post!

The clever and lovely folks over at LGFB have launched a range of brushes (and a sponge, woo!), which I have been ever so lucky as to sample. Picking these babies up from Priceline will not only improve the look of your vanity, but will help LGFB raise funds to aid their important work, with 15% of brush sales going right into the organisation. Right, let's talk about the brushes, shall we?

lgfb, makeup brushes, tools, review, flatlay, clean

Quick fun fact: the bristles themselves are allergy free and suitable for sensitive skin, which is perfect because my skin can throw a tantrum that would rival a hungry, sleep-deprived toddler.

If you aren't in to buying individual brushes, the range comes with two sets, which were both kindly gifted to me.

lgfb, makeup brushes, tools, review, flatlay, clean

The first is the Makeover Brush Set, which boasts a Powder Brush, Finishing Brush, Tapered Brush, Detail Brush, and a nifty brush pocket. The Finishing Brush is perfect for stippling cream products, though I personally love it for applying heavily pigmented blushes. The Tapered Blush is your drugstore answer to Sigma's E40 brush (!!!), which I'm totally calm about and definitely not freaking out over. At all. I'm so fine. While the other two brushes are wonderful also, the aforementioned two are standouts for me!

lgfb, makeup brushes, tools, review, flatlay, clean

If pint-sized pickings are more your thing, the Mini Masterclass Set might be the one for you. Featuring itty bitty versions of the Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, and Eyeshadow brush, this is obviously perfect to keep in your handbag, or for people with very little hands.

lgfb, makeup brushes, tools, review, flatlay, clean

So, to summarise:

  • High quality brushes? Check.
  • Chic-y deak-y design? Check.
  • Excellent cause? Triple Check.
What do you think of these brushes? Let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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