The Best & Worst of Liquid Lipsticks - Revisited!

Hey, friends! If you scroll down into the depths of my blog you may be able to find a post wherein I outlined my three favourite liquid lipstick formulas. This post was curated in a simpler time, where liquid lipsticks were fresh on the market and my mouth was naive to the number of brands it would test in the months that followed. Thus, I decided that today would be a wonderful day to revisit this initial post and break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of liquid to matte lips! Let's get on to it.

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The Good

The fact that my ABH Liquid Lipstick collection is the reason I live and breathe each day is no secret, in fact, you're all probably sick of hearing me yap about them. However, they are indeed my favourite formula and so they needed top spot in this post
You'll like them if: You enjoy a mousse-y formula that can be layered once or twice throughout the day without dehydrating your lips. Also, if you like being able to press your lips together, talk, or eat, these are great.
Watch out for: The darker colours - as these contain higher amounts of pigment, some of the deeper hues (like Heathers) can run a little patchy.

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JSC is another brand which I have yelled about all too verbosely, however it is not without good reason. These babies feel as beautiful as the packaging that holds them, and the colour range is spectacular.
You'll like them if: You prefer a slightly drier and thinner formula, with impressive longevity. You can also press your lips together/talk with these bad boys on.
Watch out for: How drying these can be after long periods of time - make sure to exfoliate and moisturise your lips after use!

liquid lipsticks, jeffree star cosmetics

Ooh boy, these are oldies but goodies. They are not quite as mousse-y as the ABH babies, but they come pretty damn close. They smell divine and last for ages, while also being budget friendly!
You'll like them if: You enjoy having beautiful things that don't cost an entire week's worth of pay.
Watch out for: The shade range - although it is extensive for a drugstore product, there are very few shades I'd personally wear, as I don't feel the undertones suit me.

The Bad

Although I wear and like my Kylie Lip Kits (which I have a full review of here), these bad boys have earned themselves a spot on the naughty list for a few reasons. The first being the inconsistency in formula amongst the shades, and the second being the lack of availability. While I completely understand that Kylie runs an indie brand and thus keeping stock available is virtually impossible, it does cause some frustration from a consumer's point of view.
You'll like them if: You like drier and thinner formulas, as well as the smell of cupcakes.
Watch out for: Just how dry these are (I'm talking Sahara levels) and the fact that they crumble off rather than wear down gradually.

Again, I wear and enjoy these little things frequently, but these 'matte' liquid lipsticks are not all they claim to be. These do not dry down to a matte finish at all, but sit somewhere between a gloss/lipstick hybrid. It's not at all unpleasant, but it simply isn't a liquid lipstick.
You'll like them if: Mattes aren't your thing, or you'd like a break from desert lips.
Watch out for: Smudging! I forgot what life was like before liquid lipsticks, oh my.

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The Ugly

This is a bit of a controversial one, as I know how popular these are amongst the beauty community, but I cannot get these things to work for me at all. I wanted to like them (really, I did!), the colours are beautiful, the packaging is working with my aesthetic, but the formula is incredibly patchy and unbearably dry. No amount of lipliner - actually, this step makes it worse - or balm could make these wearable for me.
You'll like them if: You don't enjoy even coverage when it comes to lipstick.
Watch out for: Literally everything.

I hope this post was a little helpful in navigating the world of liquid lips! Which is your favourite? Do we share any feelings?

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Sophia ♡

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Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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