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Hey, friends! If you follow any of my other social media (ahem, shameless plug) you'll know that I'm currently travelling in North America - hell yeah. In light of this, I thought I'd share some of my top travel beauty hacks because, hi, who doesn't love a good hack? Also lists, everyone loves a list. Let's get to it.

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1. Get Some God Damn Sanitiser
If you're travelling via plane, your skin is probably going to freak out. However, if you sanitise every available surface, you can at least reduce the amount of germs coming in contact with your precious face via your hands, chair, etc. Plus, public areas are nasty as heck and you should have sanitiser anyway, for the love of all that is good in this world.

2. Tailor Your Skincare to Your Climate
It sounds like a no-brainer, but I have definitely taken trans-hemispheric trips without changing up my skincare products. If you're shifting to a colder climate, add some extra hydration; if you're shifting to humidity, leave your thick night cream at home. Your skin will thank you, and it'll save you from buying a ton of new products on your trip. In other words, more money for makeup.

3. Find Yourself a Mini Atomiser
Instead of lugging a bulky perfume bottle, or a fragile roller ball, pick up a mini atomiser (mine is a Travalo) - it might just definitely maybe for sure change your life. Plus, it'll save more room and weight for makeup (are you seeing a trend here?).

hacks, life hacks, beauty hacks, travel, travel blogger

4.  Use Your Damn Samples
I know I'm not the only one with approximately 3985739473 sachets of beauty products slowly decaying inside of a drawer. These bad boys are perfect for travelling, as you can toss them once they've done their job! Put your hoarding to good use, and leave some extra space for new makeup.

5. Pack Some Cotton Tips
If you're ever going to mess up your eyeliner, its going to be while you're in a foreign hotel room, with no cotton tips, and while running late for dinner. Throw a handful in your makeup bag and thank yourself later.

What are your top travel beauty hacks? Share them below!

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