Current Highlight Routine - Plus Tips & Tricks!

Hey, friends! I love a good disco-ball glow, and after searching far and wide (read: Mecca, Sephora, and various online outlets), I think I may have found my perfect combination. In fact, I have two. Because I'm a highlight over-achiever. Anyway, today I'm here to share the winning combo(s) with you all!

Highlighter, Glow, Strobing, Contour

In my humble opinion, the key to a great glow is layering. A highlight trifle, if you will. In my last post,  I spoke about the Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter, which is a wonderful place to begin said trifle. Not only will this create a luminous base for the areas you'd like to be visible from space, it also serves to balance out this glow across the rest of your face. Personally, I find that a stark cheekbone highlight on a completely matte face is a little too harsh, so I like to ensure the rest of my face has some light too.

Highlighter, Glow, Strobing, Contour

My second layer is a cream or liquid illuminator. There are literally hundreds of these babies on the market - and I've probably tried half of them, if I'm honest - but the one I always come back to is Benefit Watts Up. Aside from it's gorgeous champagne hue, the main reason I adore this little wonder is the formula. It is lightweight, easy to blend, and won't break down throughout the day. Moreover, it won't cause your base to split, which is the problem I've had with most alternatives. I apply this stuff straight from the stick - because I'm unhygienic, thank you very much - and tap it out with my fingers to achieve the best finish.

Benefit Cosmetics, Watts Up, Highlighter, Glow, Strobing, Contour

Finally, I apply a powder highlight. My favourite is The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer, followed closely by Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight Illuminator. My main tip (although it is not really my tip at all, all credit must go to Jamie Genevieve, aka my one true love) is to apply your highlighter before you set your base. Dusting (packing) your powder highlight over a tacky base - whether this is cream illuminator, or unset foundation - will help it to stick and reflect much more intensely than over skin set with powder. This trick has changed my damn life and I need you all to practise it as if it were gospel.

Highlighter, Glow, Strobing, Contour, benefit Cosmetics, Watts Up, Mary-lou manizer, anastasia beverly hills illuminator

If you cannot get your paws on these incredible highlights, or you are a budget-friendly babe, try using a shimmery eyeshadow instead. Shimma Shimma from Makeup Geek is my absolute fave, for both the lid and the face.

So, go forth and glow, like the gods/goddesses you are!

What is your favourite highlighter? Let me know!

Sophia ♡

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Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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  1. I Love all the highlighters you've mentioned!! I used to own benefit watts up but I didn't like the application. Cream blushes by stick tend to pick up more foundation and it would smudge my makeup.
    You should try BECCA in opal or champagne pop! Also ABH glow kit!