Winter Skincare Vol.3 - Tips For Tantrum Prone Skin!

Hey, friends! If you've read any of my previous skincare posts, you probably know that my epidermis is prone to a tantrum or two (or ten). Although I have not yet perfected a regime that prevents any and all breakouts, I do have a few handy hints that will improve my (and hopefully your) skin's behaviour, which I'm going to share with you all today! Let's get into it.

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1. Wash Your Damn Pillow Cases
I've mentioned this in a Beauty Hacks post, but if you are prone to acne you should definitely be washing your pillow cases more often than the average bear. Because I am a little obsessive, I clean mine every third day - with a washing powder for sensitive skin - and I can very much tell the difference if I skip a wash.

2. Carry Antibacterial Gel Everywhere
If, like me, you are a chronic face-on-hand rester, antibacterial gel is a must for your handbag. Your little phalanges pick up so many nasties when you go about your day, and so to stop them setting up shop in your pores, you've got to sanitise.

skincare, skin, acne, breakouts, clean

3. Reduce Your Dairy Intake
I know, I know, let's all gently weep over the fact that ice cream will inherently cause most skin types to break out. I wouldn't blame you if you deemed a life without cheese too great a sacrifice for clear skin, I really wouldn't.

4. If (When) You Do Pop Your Pimples, Apply A Spot Treatment
We all do it, it's ok. Just make sure you apply a spot cream over the area to not only treat the pimple, but act as a physical barrier against any more germs/bacteria/general nastiness.

skincare, skin, acne, breakouts, clean

5. Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face
Your mane will never be 100% clean, and so naturally keeping your locks away from your epidermis will prevent unnecessary grime contact.

6. Don't Over Cleanse Your Face
Using multiple cleansers in one night, or using a cleanser that is too strong, can actually have adverse effects on your pretty little face. Unfortunately, finding a face wash that works well with your skin is a matter of trial and error, but don't just assume that the highly-medicated, industrial strength cleanser is the one for you!

7. Avoid Pot Moisturisers
Or, do what I do and use a cotton bud to retrieve the product, rather than dipping my grubby little fingers inside. Hand germs + face cream + contained area = not a great time.

skincare, skin, acne, breakouts, clean

What are your best skin tips? Please let me know!

Sophia ♡


Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!

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